With Hungarian Blessed Families


By FFWPU Hungary: On April 15-17 we held a weekend Divine Principle seminar in Gyor Center. Five guests attended and received the lectures. The last lecture introduced True Parents as the Second Advent. After the Seminar three guests decided to join in our movement and filled up the membership form as well.

Blessed families in Szigetszentmiklos, a town near capital city, organized evening lectures based on Divine Principle. Last time there was a lecture about the spirit world and its basic principles were introduced as the Divine Principle explains. Also Divine Principle lectures and Family services were organized for guests in the church centers and in the home of some blessed family.


True Parents’ Day celebration

On April 7, blessed families and members celebrated the True Parents’s Day as CIG national Holy Day at our headquarters church. In Budapest community the celebration was done at 7 AM at the Peace Embassy. Even though this was a working day the blessed families and members before going to school or begin their day work, they came to offer their love to God and True Parents with the attitude to set an example of holding Holy Days for the future generations.


CARP Hungary

On April 2 and May14 CARP Hungary organized 1 Day workshop for the second generation age 14 and 15. The first workshop was an introduction explaining True Mother’s initiatives to renew and make an enlistment for the second generation members of our movement. The purpose of UPA, Wonmo Foundation, Crane Club, Top Gun workshops and so on. Based on True Father’s words from peace message No.14 and True Mother’s words, president of FFWPU Hungary explained about the history of restoration between the 1st and 2nd generations. Reminding us how was the relationship between God and Adam, Noah and Ham, Abram and Issac.

For the second workshop we invited one STF member, Daria Kral and she gave an introduction about STF and shared her experiences on the trainings she went through. Such as how her relationship was strengthened towards God and True Parents. There were team discussions, games, singing songs and Q&A as well.


UPF activity

UPF Hungary had quite a busy month. They organized a mini-conference on the issue of Migrants. They invited an orientalist who is expert on the Middle East situation, as she knows well Muslim culture. She gave many good insights on the current situation on migration. How to understand the dynamic of the different interests behind of the whole issue and to initiate  Peace among the religions. There was an exhibition for two weeks in the Peace Embassy which was initiated by one UPF-AFP. She and her Art-colloquies opened the painting and photo exhibition. On the day of opening one under- secretary gave the opening remarks, afterword our National Leader introduced the Founder of Peace Embassy and the basic principles of UPF. As part of the Opening musical performances were offered and the participants got so uplifted that they started to sing a songs and dance in the very end. Another AFP lady also organized a mini-concert in our Peace Embassy „Music for Peace”. Many people came and it was also a good possibility to introduce ourselves, our organizations and create friendships. AFP who is the vice-president for HU-UPF has a good connection to the KDNP (Christian Democratic Party). We could meet the leader of their coalition and introduce the SunHak Peace Prize to him and also our National Leader gave a short report about the ILC 2016.


National Leaders Meeting

7th of May we held a National Leaders meeting, where City leaders, Group Leaders, Providential NGO’s Leaders and Department Leaders attended. Those who attended the EU-LM in Prague shared with others what inspired them and also honestly shared what they were missing. Since True Mother made a change from UC to FFWPU, so we also decided that we will make a fusion of the UC and FFWPU into one organization. In Prague there was a lecture expressing the need of clarification of our identity on the organization level. And based on True Father’s autobiography we discussed how to realize this original desire of True Parents. Also we agreed that we will make a financial re-structuring of the HU- Movement and this way we will be able to create a fund to officially employ at least the actual national leaders.

Also we decided to set up a Media Department and in the coming months we will put into reality. The last and biggest issue we went through was the Blessing Providence. Because in Prague EU got a 430 couples blessing goal, so we decided that here in Hungary we will take responsibility for 40 couples. The action plan is also on the way and soon we will announce it to our Blessed Families and brothers and sisters. When the meeting was over we got a rainbow over the street .

Other activities

   IRFF – Pécs service project at Mothers’ Home

   Serving the Elders in three Elderly Homes- Kaposvár

   Gatherings in small groups – Budapest Community

   IL-JUNG Prayer for Unity with True Mother’s leadership

   Korean Cultural evening in Pecs Training Center

   3rd Peace Tour – 23km

   “Running for Peace” continues…

   National Leader Couple visits Pécs Community

   Program for Pupils in Gyor Waldorf School