With Blessed Families in Bulgaria


By FFWPU Bulgaria: We held 1-day Divine Principle workshops on 13 March and 16 April. 3 lectures (The Principles of Creation, The Fall of Man and The Mission of the Messiah) were given by Mihaela Sergeeva and Deyan Dimov. Altogether 3 guests participated in the entire program and some others partially, and several brothers and sisters came to support the workshop and their guests and refresh their knowledge. Next we are planning to have a workshop from the second part of the Principle for all those who have heard the first one.


National Assembly

On 20th March we had a national meeting in Sofia. Most of the members, including Second Generation from both Sofia and Burgas came together. After Sunday Service the adults had the National Assembly of FFWPU-Bulgaria, while the elder Second Generation children, who start to take more and more responsibility in the community, held the Sunday School for the younger ones. We had lunch and birthday celebration together and in the afternoon the program continued with a more informal discussion about future plans and goals. We hope that the participants of all ages spent the time joyfully and found the meeting useful.


Blessed families in Burgas

The first weekend of April was the time for the elder Second Generation’s meeting, which became a regular monthly program since last December. This time it was held in Burgas and became a 2-day family program for the participants. The first day we met on the Holy Ground and had a walk on the seaside.

After that the elder children were listening to a lecture about purity from Yulian Marianov in his home, while the small ones were playing together in the sea garden. The next day we had an excursion in the nearby mountains and held the Sunday Service in the nature, which was followed by a picnic.

In the evening the parents had a nice lunch in a restaurant, while the children were happy to enjoy the time together in the Blessed Families’ homes, the elder ones taking care of the small ones. As it was the time of Spring holiday at school, families from Sofia stayed for Monday morning as well.


At the Peace Embassy

In April we had some lovely guests from various nations in the Peace Embassy. On 12 April a Bulgarian−Philippine blessed couple visited us together with the wife’s parents during their holiday in Bulgaria. They listened to some lectures about the Principle and the Blessing, as the Bulgarian husband (living in Spain and blessed in the Philippines) has never heard the Principle in his mother tongue.

On 18 April sisters from Germany visited Gabriella Spagna to greet her on her 80th birthday and remember about the time that they spent together in Germany in the same mission. We welcomed them in the Embassy of Peace as well for a cup of tea and a nice talk.

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