Venezuela: UN International Day of Families 2016

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By UPF Venezuela, Jesús A. Navarro: In Venezuela, the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) supported by CARP Vnezuela members held an event to celebrate the 2016 UN International Day of Family, on May 14th, at Eurobuilding Hotel in Caracas. We had 40 participants.

During the event gold medals were given to the couples who had more than 10 years together, honoring their efforts to support the family institution that is so important to restore a nation.

Also, Rev. Jesus Navarro, UPF Secretary General, Alejandro Rosillon, CARP Director, and Dr. María Gabriela Tomasini, WFWP President, delivered short lectures about the universal values needed to save our country and the whole world from the different moral crisis that we are facing nowadays.

The 40 invites enjoyed the performance by children educated in San Agustin Musical project sponsored by the WFWP – Japan.

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