USA: Third Annual Leadership Ocean Summit in East Coast

Ocean Summit Day2

by Naria McGee: Forty ocean-lovers and Ocean Providence leaders gathered for the Third Annual Leadership Ocean Summit at East Garden in New York. From Saturday May 14 to Sunday May 15, 2016, they listened and shared testimonies to one another about their experience with the ocean and memories spending time with True Father out on the water. The event began with opening remarks by Clint Woods, the president of Ocean Providence International Inc.

Nina Urbonya of the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) then encouraged everyone to share a favorite memory about True Parents and the ocean with their neighbor. To the entire group, Minoru Kageyama shared about one of his most challenging, but also best memories with True Father while fishing. Rev. Carol Pobanz also shared a special memory of going fishing with True Father on her birthday. During this time, upbeat entertainment was provided by the WestRock Family Church band, led by Peter Reiner, Jisun Reiner, and Yuki Jones.

Ocean Summit

Afterward, on Saturday evening, the group welcomed Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Dr. Tyler Hendricks and Dr. Michael Jenkins who shared their thoughts and gave presentations. “Without knowing the ocean, one cannot fully understand True Parents,” said Dr. Kim.

The following day, Rev. Greg Odlin led the Sunday morning service with Hoon Dok Hwe (scripture study). He spoke about the creation of the universe and how special the earth is, and that it was created especially for human beings by God.

After breakfast, participants shared about how other affiliates of FFWPU can get involved with Ocean Providence. Dr. Thomas Walsh, Chairman of Universal Peace Federation (UPF) spoke about how it is important to develop external relations and not just stay in our own bubble. Mrs. Angelika Selle, President of Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) USA also shared about the role of women and the importance of men and women working together to fulfill their responsibilities.

Ocean Summit Day2

There were other brief sharings and testimonies about Ocean Church and the Peace King Cup Fishing Tournament. Unificationists Clive Pollit from England and Udomporn Mortega from Thailand shared an inspiring testimony about their exciting activities within the oceanic realm.

Naokimi Ushiroda, President of CARP USA then facilitated goal setting and the creation of action steps for everyone. Naokimi finished his coaching with talking about the Seven Levels of Energy Leadership and how to recognize which level of energy we might be embodying, and the importance of how a person’s perspective can change everything.

The final testimony was shared by Joshua Yashiro. Before dinner, FFWPU President, Dr. Michael Balcomb, arrived with his wife, and spontaneously led everyone out to visit the Holy Rock at East Garden and pray.

Masaaki Saito from New Jersey played a beautiful jazz music with his guitar as Dr. Balcomb and Clint closed the program. The program left people inspired and renewed with their passion and their goals toward their ocean projects.

Ocean Summit