United Kingdom: Discovering Ourselves Through the Principle

by CARP UK, Michael Schroder: The recent CARP weekend workshop was held from 16th to 17th April in the beautiful Livingstone House in Chislehurst, Kent. We had 20 young people attend in total. It was a time to reflect, discuss and, of course, listen to the Principle. This particular workshop had the motto ‘Discovering Ourselves Through the Principle’. This motto centered on: the value of human beings; how it has been lost and how God has been trying to salvage it. The Principle was taught by four CARP members: myself, Patrick Pritty, Amy Brown and Oliver Davies. Listening to their lectures on the Principle left me in awe of not only their ability to lecture but also just the sheer power of the Principle. It constantly surprises me how strongly it resonates with me every time I hear it, almost as if I am hearing it for the first time.

Being in the position of Director on a workshop gives you an interesting perspective of things. You’re very receptive to the atmosphere of the workshop and the status of each and every participant and staff member and, most importantly, you make the big decisions. It’s rare to be in a position of such power to dictate what happens to people in the next 2 days of their lives. It’s both an exciting and terrifying thought. But why is it such a scary thought? Well, as lectured by Amy, with the massive freedom that comes with being able to make these decisions comes the need for someone to take responsibility for the consequences of those decisions. The interesting thing was that on this workshop everyone, including the participants took responsibility for the workshop, almost as if it was something they were also creating.

Organizing this workshop has been an absolute blessing both for myself and everyone involved. I truly felt a sense of camaraderie that I haven’t felt for a very long time, most of all because everyone wanted to contribute to the workshop. We all wanted to make it work. We all wanted to have a great experience this weekend.

And that’s what I felt on this 2-day workshop I felt we had each other’s back, that we could trust each other. Not because of someone so replaceable as a Director but because of something deeper. I feel it’s always like that when you have a workshop rooted in Divine Principle.

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