UK: Blessing Information Day

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By FFWPU UK: In the 12th March our South London Peace Embassy hosted a very special event: a day of information about the Blessing. In the 8 hours we spent together we heard a wonderful lecture on the importance of lineage by William Haines, Chris and Carol Jubb in their capacity as parents matching support, gave both practical advice and shared frankly about their own experiences matching and blessing some of their children. Two young Blessed couples were interviewed by Samuel Read about their experiences in the matching process and everyone gathered were deeply moved and gained a lot hearing from the couples themselves about their challenges and victories. There was time for discussion groups, for 2nd gen brothers, 2nd gen sisters and parents. To round everything off Patrick Hanna shared valuable information from the Blessing Department and Yebuny shared deeply from her heart her own realization how issues from the past can surface into our blessed life.

We received tremendous feedback from all parents present. It was a rich day where deep content was shared, practical aspects were addressed as well as internal content and there was time to talk and share with various representatives from the Blessed Family Department. One parent, who attended the Lancaster Gate BID came again, this time with his wife. He was so inspired, he decided to attend again. The general feedback from parents was one of deep appreciation knowing that there is great support available and trust towards all involved with the Blessing education.

My wife and I feel that if we had more of this type of real life content in the past, both for parents and young people, we would have been much more empowered and informed to make good decisions in our life as blessed couples and families.!