True Parets’ News: Weekly Update

Peace TV: May 21, 2016


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This week we have:

  1. True Parents News
  • True Mother’s Message at an Assembly for Japanese Cheon Il Guk Missionaries
  1. Global News
  • Tribal Messiahship (Benin: Tribal Messiahship Blessing Campaign / Ghana: Special 2-day Workshop)
  • Peace Movements (Korea: The 3rd North-South Teachers’ Day Event / Russia: International Day of Families)
  • Educating Future Leaders (Korea: Global Dream Camp for Wonmo Scholarship Students / Wonmo Pyeongae Scholarship Award Ceremonies and 1-day Workshop / Israel: 3-day Children’s Workshop)
  • News Breifs (Korea: Wonju Church Dedication Ceremony / USA: Peace King Fishing Tournament / Republic of Congo: National Leaders’ Assembly / Republic of Congo: Children’s Workshops / Austrian Committee for Transition (ACT) Inreach Meeting / Indonesia: Blessed Family Camp / Brazil: Unificationists Ran in the Rio Olympic Torch Relay / Germany: National Festival 2016)