True Parents’ News: Weekly Update

PeaceTV May 14, 2016


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This week we have:

1. True Parents News

  • True Mother’s message at the main event of the Azalea Festival / True Mother’s Message to Japanese Church Leaders / True Mother’s Message to Thai Heavenly Tribal Messiahs

2. Global News

  • Tribal Messiahship (USA: Los Angeles ACLC Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony / Cameroon: Special Workshop on Tribal Messiahship)
  • Peace Movements (Cambodia: Ministry of Education Signs MOU for Divine Principle Education / Korea: FFWPU-Daesun Jinrihoe Friendship Football Match)
  • Educating Future Leaders (Russia: Witnessing Kick-off Workshop and the Opening of a New Witnessing Center / Albania: CARP Workshop / Malaysia: National Leadership Workshop for Core Members)
  • News Briefs (Choi Yun-ki and Ryu Kyeung Seuk Tour Affiliated Organizations)