True Parents News: Weekly Update

PeaceTV May 7, 2016


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  1. Feature Video
  • A Miracle of True Parent’s Love Cheongpyeong Great Works
  1. Global News
  • Tribal Messiahship (Japan: Married Couples’ Blessing Ceremony / Rwanda: Tribal Messiah Blessing Ceremony / Cameroon: Special Workshop for Heavenly Tribal Messiahs / Ivory Coast: The 4th 7-day Seminar)
  • Peace Movements (Japan: Save the Nation, Save the World Conference / Peru: UPF Celebrates UN International Mother Earth Day / Albania: UPF Celebrates International Day of the Book / Czech Republic: Parliamentarians for Peace Initiative / Togo: YFWP Conference)
  • Educating Future Leaders (Ivory Coast: 1st 40-day Leadership Training for New Pastors / Nepal: 3-day National Instructors Training / Solomon Islands: 21-day Center Life Experience Program)
  • News Breifs (European Matching and Blessing Preparation Workshop / Republic of Congo: National Leader Tours the Nation / USA: Connecting Our Roots Retreat)