USA: True Love Talks

By FFWPU USA: (On May 23, 2016) Jas Smith of the Colorado Family Church shares about his inspiration behind creating the True Love Talks outreach program.

Since I joined the Unification movement 30 years ago, I have been passionate about fulfilling the Three Blessings taught in the Divine Principle, and implementing them into everyday life. I have often wondered how I could use them as the basis for an outreach tool.

While raising our family over the past decade, my wife and I actively sought out marriage programs for Unificationists in our community and as a means of enriching our own marriage. I realized that the Three Blessings combined with True Parents’ God-centered example would make the ideal marriage and life program. Through talking with others, including my own children, I was able to appreciate more fully how the teachings of True Parents in the Divine Principle must be at the center of this initiative so that participants do not to feel judged or criticized, but loved. It is through the Divine Principle that we are ultimately able to understand the heart of a parent and to feel the True Love of God through others.

With this in mind, I came up with the program, ‘True Love Talks’ whereby Unificationist and non-Unificationist participants alike can come together and share testimonies and tools for getting in touch with the universal ideal of True Love. The program summarizes the teachings of the Divine Principle in ten points known as the ‘Ten Truths of Love’ withe the Three Blessings at its core.

True Love Talks are conducted in a circle and begin with an introduction to the core ideas behind the program. Two or three people then share their own experience on the subject of ‘realizing love’, which can cover a wide range of examples.

Each presentation is approximately 15 minutes long and there is a question and answer session between each. In a recent True Love Talk, my wife, Shirley, spoke about ‘a course in miracles’ healing technique and performed a short exercise with us whilst my great aunt, aged 97, spoke on the topic of the ‘wisdom of life’. After each talk, participants are invited to a one day True Love Talks seminar. The next True Love Talk will be held on Sunday, June 12 at 1pm at the Colorado Family Church.