True Love Divine Principle Seminar in Las Vegas

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By FFWPU USA: From May 13-16, a total of six first generation Unificationists, one guest, and 11 second generation Unificationists aged 19-28, came from across the USA and Canada to attend a True Love Divine Principle Seminar led by Rev. Andrew Compton at the International Peace Education Center in Las Vegas. It was a chance for perspectives to be refreshed and for new insight to be gained into the teachings of the Divine Principle, centered on the ideals of true love as embodied by the heart of our Heavenly Parent, True Parents and Jesus.

On the first evening, participants were able to relax and get to know each other over a meal at Chipotle. As second generation Unificationist, Lina Sasaki, expressed, it was “ an opportunity to talk to some of the first generation Unificationists and to hear about their personal testimonies from the early days of the Unification movement. Many faced very extreme challenges, from ideological differences with family members, to leaving behind their studies and careers to pursue their religious calling. It was inspiring to hear their stories and how even now, decades later, they remain active in strengthening and deepening their spiritual lives.”

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The next day, Rev. Compton began an inspiring series of presentations on the Divine Principle, and participants went on a trip to Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. According to second generation Unificationist Jungae Lee, going to Hoover Dam was “a great experience as we got to see an example of what can be achieved in challenging circumstances through hard work and dedication. This exemplifies the results the Unification movement can accomplish if we strive towards the ideals of God and True Parents. Going to Lake Mead was also a meaningful experience because we were able to ride the same boat that True Father had often been on. We prayed together on the boat, which was a positive time of self-reflection and a chance to connect with God.”

On Sunday, Rev. Compton gave more insight into the Divine Principle. Second generation Unificationist Erika Young said she learned that “in order to work with God, I need to be able to take responsibility for my actions, thoughts, and feelings. By knowing this, I can deepen my relationship with God and become closer to Him as His daughter.”

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What struck second-generation Unificationist Hannah Winter the most was a point made about microcosms and how, she said, “I am an embodiment of all creation and my individual growth contributes to the completion of the entire cosmos. I gained a much deeper sense of my value and I hope that everyone in the world can understand how valuable they are to God and how much their uniqueness and existence is important to making the universe complete and bringing joy to God.” That evening, the group ventured to the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip and enjoyed an exciting show at the Bellagio.

On the final day, participants went on a trip to see the natural wonder of the Grand Canyon. It was a chance for everyone to reflect on the fellowship and many stimulating and motivating presentations, trips and conversations of the past few days. As new Unificationist Leslie Pedrozo expressed, “for me the International Peace Education Center is a really heavenly place and spiritual holy ground. From the moment I entered the building for the first time, I felt peace in my heart. This is a place where everybody should be able to spend time learning about Heavenly Parent and how we can bring happiness to God through our family, centering on true love. I would highly recommend the True Love Divine Principle seminar; workshops like this really can enlighten one’s life.”

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