Spain: Inauguration of Ronda Barcelona Cultural Centre

By UPF Spain: Following the footsteps of Espacio Ronda Madrid, we inaugurated “Ronda Barcelona” on April 21st, 2016 with the same desire: to help the city connect with the larger vision of the Unification movement through a diverse spectrum of activities with a family atmosphere and professional management.

For this new start it has been crucial the support of Santiago Raigorodsky, an artist who is President of the Jewish Artists Association of Spain. Santiago is all enthusiastic about getting the place promoted and invited two of his friend artists Benito Marcos and Uwe Geest to have the first art exhibition for one-month period.

Over 100 people came to the opening, most of them artists. Barcelona is really a city of modern art and many were sculptors, ceramists, painters, writers, theater directors… Quite an interesting congregation. We invited a musical group, Obdara Trio, to offer a sample of their acoustic music and had Jessica Macias, the coordinator of the new center, give a short welcoming speech in Catalan language, something very much appreciated by the audience.

The center is located in a beautiful area, well communicated by public transport.