Solomon Islands: UN International Day of Families 2016

By WFWP Solomon Islands: We had commemorated UN International Day of Families 2016 with a series of event comprising of outreach and seminar surrounding on the theme’ Family, Health and Sustainable Future’.

During the week between May 14 -21, 2016 we conducted two half day workshop to two different communities and a 1 day seminar to wrap up the commemoration schedule.

The first event was held on the 14th May at one of the catholic community and a total of 20 catholic mothers were in attendance. I introduce WFWP, its Founder and its activity for World Peace Worldwide including the SI chapter. The participants got very inspired and wished to become organisational members to WFWP Solomon Islands.

The 2nd event was held on Sunday afternoon on the 15th May at Henderson, one of the biggest settlements on the out skirt of the capital city. It was attended by more than 20 women and a village chief. This community was assisted by WFWP with their initial set up and they will continue to work with us.

The final event was held at the Samsung Café hall. It was I day event and we were able to present two sessions: The need to educate for character and Family is the school of love and peace.

It was attended by more than 40 participants including women, men and youths.

During these events Mr. Wasu Deo the Cordinator of the program, the Secretary General of UPF Fiji and the Principal of Saraswati College spoke to participants.