Slovakia: A Deeper Insights from the Perspective of the Providence

Islam from the Perspective of the Providence: UPF Slovakia´s lecture offered deeper insights

By UPF Slovakia, April 7, 2016: In Slovakia as in the East Europe and the Balkans generally fears are high about a “Muslim invasion” and even our members are not sure what to think about the current crisis. To facilitate a deeper understanding, UPF Slovakia invited the philosopher and writer Herbert Giller from Vienna to give a lecture. Already since many years ago he has traced the parallel flow and divergence manifested by the descendants of Ishmael in relations to Israel and Christianity, and the divisions within Islam starting with the family of the Prophet.

“From Abraham to the Islamic State” was the title of our event which took place on April 7, 2016. The target audience were our members as well as long-time guests who know the basics of the Divine Principle. Nevertheless, there came some new guests who have learned from others that such a hot issue will be discussed. There was intense interest and many guests came much earlier, soon the hall was filled to capacity (circa 40 persons).

The PowerPoint presentation started with the complicated relationships in Abraham’s family, run all way down to the role of Barabbas and Simeon of Cyrene, highlighted the Prophet and his family and influence of Christians at that time, the role of the Baha’i faith as a reform movement, the Arab-Israeli wars and the present crisis in Syria. It was a master piece how the lecturer managed to adapt the Principle key words into a language understandable even for our guests! The presentation which was given in German and translated into Slovak by Milos Klas, UPF Slovakia Secretary General, lasted almost three hours; the discussion would have continued longer if Mr. Giller could have stayed. All listeners received the contents open-minded except one lady.

She attacked the lecturer and said about Islam only a Muslim should lecture! Another guest opposed her with the words, ”If we want to learn about Communism, then a Communist should give the lecture?” With that reply peace was re-established. Generally, the audience was inspired by the unique and comprehensive presentation.