International President at the 2016 Purification Azalea Festival

2016 Purification Azalea Festival for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune

Keynote Address

Sun Jin Moon, International President of FFWPU

May 6 2016, Cheongpyeong Training Center

[Downloud the speech]



Beloved leaders, and precious brothers and sisters from around the world!

It is my privilege to be with you today at the Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center on this special occasion of the 2016 Purification Azalea Festival for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune.

First of all, I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for participating in this sacred ceremony, centered on our Heavenly Parent and our True Parents.

Secondly, I want to offer our sincerest welcome to you all to this precious and holy site! I invite you to take a moment to contemplate and feel True Father’s dream for each and every one of you here at Cheongpyeong, through his own words:

Cheongpyeong is the place where everything can reach a resolution and we can make a completely new beginning. The name itself symbolizes that. In Cheongpyeong, cheong (淸) means “clear” and pyeong (平) means “level.” In other words, Cheongpyeong means “that which is clear and level.” Since the ground already has been completely leveled, all we need to do is create a design and raise the pillars. We are ready to begin at any time. (Cham Bumo Gyeong 5-1-6-7; 27 Aug 1972)

True Father gave this encouragement and inspiration in 1972. We are now living in 2016. Are we ready to fulfill True Father’s dream? Yes!!!

Are we going to raise the roof of the kingdom of heaven on earth here at Cheongpyeong? Yes!!!

I believe you!!! I know we can do it!!! Thank you.

Let us Thank Heavenly Parent! Springtime is finally here!!!

Even though it is raining, it is a wonderful blessing for all the trees and the flowers and the beautiful blooms. I hope you can all enjoy them in these beautiful Cheongpyeong surroundings while you are spending your time here.

Springtime is a season when water flows again, and the sun shines longer and brighter; it is a time of nourishment, when all living things mate, move about and revive themselves after their long winter hibernation; it is a time to begin again, with new life and determination.

May this glorious spring season breathe new life and clarity into your hearts and minds, filling you with renewed hope, faith, and vision. And, during this time, may we offer sincere devotion.

Let us work to level and balance ourselves—mind, body and soul— so that we become a solid and stable foundation for fulfilling all our dreams as true sons and daughters of Heavenly Parent and True Parents, reaching vision 2020 and realizing Cheon Il Guk. Aju!

I hope that during your time here you can repair, cleanse and purify all past losses, disappointments, failures, and doubts. I pray that the light, love and wisdom of Heavenly Parent and True Parents will heal, re-kindle, and nurture your own aspirations for the future.

I have faith that here, in this sanctified holy place, you will discover your divine heart, soul, and inner light, so that you lead a purposeful life on a path to victory.

Your sincere and conscientious attendance here brings comfort to our Heavenly Parent and our True Parents, and all of your ancestors and family members.

As you devote yourselves throughout these three days, investing your heart and soul in the various parts of the program—-morning Hoondokhae, prayer times at the Jeongshim Won, preparation of your Wish Papers, Chanyang Yeoksa sessions, the Prayer-Wish Purification Ceremony, Ancestor Liberation Ceremony, and Ancestor Blessing Ceremony—-you will surely move the heart of Heaven and Earth, and you will open a clear and level way for the providence to advance, with your own light shining brightly, overcoming all darkness and doubt.

I have absolute faith in all of you! May Heavenly Parent and True Parents bless you and guide you throughout this precious journey!

Our True Parents have opened the gates of heaven, for each one of us and for our ancestors, and for our children, our grandchildren and family members. Their path of victory was not simple or easy.

After all, the results of the Fall have been devastating. All direct dominion was taken from Heavenly Parent, leaving the world, all human beings and all living things under the dominion of false principles and false powers.

Therefore, in order for us to fully appreciate this day and the time in which we are living, we need to understand Heavenly Parent’s heart, as He, searched and suffered throughout millennia to come to this day and this holy place, together with our beloved True Parents.

Let us consider True Mother’s precious words:

The 6,000-year providence of restoration through indemnity described in the Bible is the sorrowful history of our Heavenly Parent searching for humankind, who had been lost. If the original human ancestors had done as God asked of them, they would have become the True Parents of humankind. However, when humankind turned away from God, they had no choice but to wander around lost in Satan’s realm. Because God had a purpose for creating humankind, He began the work of restoration through indemnity to find and liberate them. For a period of 4,000 years, God called the Israelites as His chosen people and sent the Messiah among them, but since they could not fulfill their responsibility, Jesus ended up going the way of the cross. This is why, as he was dying, Jesus said he would come again. The Messiah, the True Parents, are the hope of God and the hope of humankind. Only if they come can humankind be freed from Satan’s realm and reborn to the side of heaven. True Parents have concluded the 6,000 years of the providence of restoration through indemnity. True Parents have opened a new age. It is the age of Cheon Il Guk. Korea has been chosen by heaven. If you look at a map of Korea, Cheongpyeong is in the position of a woman’s womb. The womb is the place where new life begins. This means that Cheongpyeong is the place where fallen humankind can be reborn from wild olive trees into true olive trees. From this point of view, all the people in the world must flock to Cheongpyeong and receive new life. The place where True Parents are is our eternal hometown. (True Mother, 24 Oct 2015)

Throughout history, Heavenly Parent has had one goal in mind: True Parents. On the foundation of True Parents, Heavenly Parent would begin a new history free from the sad legacy of the Fall, free from suffering and indemnity.

This new history leads to the nation of Cheon Il Guk, the original Garden of Eden, the unified harmony of heaven on earth, a world where peace, True Love, goodness and prosperity flourish, for the sake of all living beings and all creation.

We are so very blessed to have been born at this time, at the time when True Parents have lived on this earth, and have fulfilled the will of heaven. We are so blessed to be called true sons and daughters of Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

We have been liberated from the chains of fallen history and we have been given the precious gifts of Grace, Blessing and the Word, that we may transform ourselves and this world, creating a world of True Love and Peace for all humankind and all the creation.

There is a seed within each one of you that is seeking goodness. By coming here to Cheongpyeong that seed will be nurtured and it will grow in the soil of this clear and level holy ground; that seed has within it the framework and design of the true olive tree you can become.

May you grow tall, dignified, and majestically strong, that you may carry the crown of Glory and be victoriously immortalized as a true saint and child of Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

May you grow deep roots that burrow firmly into this holy soil so that they thrive eternally, drawing deeply from the nourishment of Heavenly Parent’s unconditional love.

Let this special time and this sacred land, blessed by True Parents, heal and nourish you, so that you may thrive and gloriously branch out to reach all humankind, extending the fruit of the true olive tree to all of Heavenly Parent’s spiritually lost children, in order that they too can be reborn.

This place is your womb, a place where we live together with True Mother on the earth and in complete unity with True Father in heaven.

We are living at the time of the completion stage of liberation from the Fall, a time for your rebirth. Each one of you is a precious child of Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

May you no longer doubt your divine light!

May that light shine for all others to see in the midst of darkness!

May each of you, anointed as Tribal Messiahs, bring glory to Heavenly Parent, True Parents, and all humankind. Aju!

To fully appreciate and understand the significance of our time here at Cheonpyeong it is necessary for us to know its history and to practice the hoondokhae tradition which gives us a higher awareness and guides on the path toward enlightenment.

True Parents’ Cheongpyeong Providence has been a central part of Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ mission, and has been carried out through three stages.

The first stage began in 1971 when True Parents established the “Original Sanctuary” here. This was the formation stage.

The second stage began in 1995, with the spiritual work of Heung Jin nim and Hong Sun-ae Dae Mo Nim, focused on the “separation of evil spirits” that invade the body and mind of brothers and sisters, the liberation of ancestors, and the Blessing of ancestors.

The perfection stage began in 2014 when the work of Cheongpyeong was carried out under the direct dominion of True Parents. As True Mother said, on October 27, 2014, “From the time of work centered on Heung-jin nim and Dae Mo nim, we are entering the age of work under True Parents’ direct dominion.” [p. 62 in Understanding True Parents’ Cheongpyeong Providence] On this foundation, True Parents proclaimed that Hyo-jin nim, together with Heung-jin nim, would stand together as unified Cain and Abel; Hyo-jin nim’s picture was then placed at the Jeongshim Won.

The third anniversary of True Father’s Universal Seonghwa was also a major turning point for the Cheongpyeong Providence.

With True Father in the spiritual world and True Mother on earth, fully united together, and with Hyo-jin nim and Heung-jin nim as the restored first and second sons, working together, the work of Hong Sun-ae Dae Mo nim can be multiplied to brothers and sisters who are sincerely united in heart with True Parents.

Can we give a great applause for this victory to True Parents? Aju!

If you wholeheartedly unite with True Father’s words, you will see what a precious time of liberation we are witnessing on earth and in heaven due to True Parents’ absolute victory, a victory which had its turning point at the Holy Wedding Ceremony of True Parents on April 11, 1960.

Let us now take a moment to reflect on a few passages from Cham Bumo Gyeong to understand this significant moment in history:

Jesus came to this earth as the second Adam. The Holy Spirit, as the second Eve, was unable to assume a body. If you were to go to spirit world, you would see that the Holy Spirit is the Mother spirit of God. When Jesus returns to the earth in the flesh, the woman he takes as the Bride must meet the qualifications, as stipulated by the principle, to be the Bride. This requires that she knows all the aspects of the heavenly way. It requires that she looks forward to his coming and prepares to welcome him. These are the conditions she needs in order to prepare herself to establish one God-centered family, nation and world. That is her responsibility as the Bride. That is also why, as we entered the 1960s, the women’s movement began and is developing throughout the world. No matter how many people there are on earth, they are all descendants of the fall. They are all born from the evil, fallen lineage. Therefore, a true woman must emerge who can love them as their true mother. As the last days draw near, the time is approaching when such a woman will appear. This is why, to prepare the environment, women’s movements are springing up worldwide. We now have arrived at a time when many women can surpass men. The last days is the time when women can restore the fall, and the women who are emerging now are in the realm of benefit to represent the heavenly Eve. Today it is not just a matter of woman’s liberation; women can stand in such a position. Therefore, the True Mother must appear during this time. We must be able to attend this Mother on earth. Humankind has been trying to return to God, and as we enter the era when this can happen, the Bride must be established on earth. (Cham Bumo Gyeong, p. 81,4)

Many decades ago, True Father foretold of a time, during the last days, when a liberated world of womankind would emerge, centering on a true woman, God’s true bride, ushering in a great new era of unity and harmony when all fallen beings are restored back to God.

Do we have such a woman with us today? Yes!

Who is this woman? Our True Mother of heaven earth and humankind! Let’s give a roaring applause for our True Mother. And please say with me, “Kamsahamnida, Salanghamnida Chamomonim!” Beautiful!

In three years, a glorious change, and this new light of True Mother’s hope and victory shines on us all. But looking back to after True Father’s Seonghwa, it almost seemed as if our world had come to an end. I myself was shaken and deeply concerned about the future of our movement.

However, it was not long before I began to observe True Mother’s greatness. I came to know that, by having absolute faith, love, and obedience in attending our True Mother, the path to seungli, victory, was never in doubt.

Our True Mother, despite the many challenges she faced and the obstacles in her path, has steadfastly moved forward, leading the providence with absolute love and resolve.

True Mother gave us the action plan to carry forward True Parents’ mission here on earth and in heaven, by giving us the vision 2020 and by leading us to make Cheon Il Guk a living reality. She and True Father also had the foresight, starting in the 70’s, to establish Cheongpyeong, in order to educate and immortalize the glorious legacy of our True Parents for the sake of future generations.

They knew that Cheongpyeong would one day come to be a destination greater than any wonder in the world! It would become the holiest and most joyful, loving, peaceful place on earth, fulfilling the hopes of our Heavenly Parent and our True Parents.

True Mother has been pouring out all her physical and spiritual energy to erect on this “clear and level” holy ground, the place where True Parents can eternally dwell; where their lives will be immortalized, providing an eternal beacon of light that makes it possible for all humankind to find their way back home to God.

The Cheon Ji Sun Hak Won museum will preserve, protect, and promote the victorious great works of our True Parents and the glorious history and legacy of our movement.

The Cheon Ji Sun Hak Won will testify to True Parents, giving all visitors a direct experience of the Truth, the Word, the way of salvation, and grace, so that all life can live in joy, harmony, love, goodness and peace.

This holy land will be the true model of sustainable, harmonious, conscious, and loving land development, making Cheongpyeong our Heavenly Parent’s true Garden of Eden here on earth and in heaven.

Unlike any other religion or vision, True Parents’ love, hope, faith, and their very lives were offered to liberate us from the chains of the Fall, so that all life in heaven and on earth could finally return back to God, fulfilling his original dream for creation, whereby we all would come to live in absolute joy and oneness as a worldwide family in harmony and love.

It is only through True Parents’ unity and victory that we can be reborn and realize our divine purpose and learn to live as one family under Heavenly Parent.

Let us consider another couple of passages from Cham Bumo Gyeong mapping this historic victory:

The unification church is the first parent-type religion. Religion began as that of the servant and has progressed to the adopted child type religion, the stepchild type religion, the direct son and daughter religion and then the mother type religion. God has been ever looking for the mother. God, the masculine subject partner, has had no partner. He needs a female partner. She is His partner; at the same time she is the Queen of earth. She is the Queen of tribes and the Queen of families. She stands as the Grandmother of all ancestors, the Mother of all humankind, the Wife of God and the Daughter of God. Mother is such a woman, with the value of the original True Mother. She is the Queen of heaven, the Queen of the earth, the Queen of the nation, the Grandmother to her ancestors, the Mother of humankind, the wife of God and the Daughter of God. Mother’s value is found in all these roles. (Cham Bumo Gyeong, p. 81,5)

When counting from the time of his birth, True Father had surmounted a total of 40 years of indemnity; he succeeded in separating Satan from his course. Then, on April 11, 1960, he and True Mother held their glorious Holy Wedding Ceremony. Thereby they became the first human ancestors, husband and wife in front of God.” (Cham Bumo Gyeong, p. 80, sec 2)

Let us deeply thank True Parents for these enlightening and precious words. These are truly profound words. Please study this with sincerity and reflection. Such words have never before been uttered in history.

To be true filial sons and daughters of Heavenly Parent and True Parents, we must know this history and the precious origin and the starting point of our blessed lives. Without this knowledge of True Father’s and True Mother’s courses, we cannot fully understand and appreciate the priceless gift of salvation and liberation we have received.

From such a place of knowledge and appreciation of the value of our true lives and true lineage, we are able to take the next steps towards growing an even greater world of True Love and peace, with absolute love, faith and devotion.

We recently celebrated the anniversary of True Parents Holy Wedding Ceremony. It was absolutely sublime! You all watched it? Yes!

To fully attend and be filial children, we need to study True Parents’ lives and sincerely reflect on their unsurpassed accomplishments, their victory of True Love for Heavenly Parent and all humankind. Only when we value our true origin, Heavenly Parent and True Parents, can we understand the glorious gift of our own lives.

With this in mind, I encourage you to please study hard; I can’t stress this enough. Please pray, meditate, reflect, and search with sincerity for your true divine light as Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ filial sons and daughters. Only you, can find this enlightenment; it is your 5 percent responsibility.

Brothers and sisters, we are the beneficiaries of this great unfolding of Heaven’s providence. We are eternally indebted to Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

Let’s give a great thunderous applause to our True Parents! Can we do that?

I want to express my deepest appreciation to our True Mother who has been guiding me and inspiring me each and every day since the time of True Father’s ascension. She is truly amazing beyond words.

In some ways, just as Dae-mo nim did not see True Mother as her own daughter but as Heaven’s daughter, I also have come to recognize that not only is True Mother my mother, but she is also the Cosmic Mother, the True Mother of 7 billion people on earth, and all those in the spirit world.

We have come to learn so many things about True Mother, during these past three years following True Father’s Universal Seonghwa.

She has surprised us all, surpassing all expectations. She is truly a daughter of Heaven, the only begotten daughter, the only Queen of heaven, earth, humankind, and creation.

With each passing day, I come to learn something new about True Mother and my appreciation and respect grows and grows.

For this reason, I do not take my relationship with True Mother in any casual or informal way. I respect True Mother’s larger role as heaven’s original daughter, and the True Mother of Heaven and Earth.

I gain so much from reading Cham Bumo Gyeong each day, especially Book Two on “The Birth of True Parents.” There we find so many profound and moving passages from both True Father and from True Mother, sharing about their lives and the providential significance of their births.

It is as if a whole new world has opened up to each of us with the publication of Cham Bumo Gyeong. It has expanded, and even exploded our limited concepts about True Parents.

Reading about the providence leading up to True Mother’s birth, one is reminded about how Heaven prepared for Jesus’ birth.

The Principle taught us so much about the mysteries in the Bible surrounding the families of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, as well as Tamar; and the family of Zachariah, Elizabeth, and John the Baptist. Heaven has worked in secretive ways in order to accomplish the most important breakthroughs.

In the same way, True Mother’s birth was under the direct guidance and protection of heaven. As our True Mother is still with us on earth guiding the providence to liberation and complete victory for all humankind and creation, let us gather our sincere hearts, absolute devotion, and faith and offer our lives as true filial children and carry this glorious legacy for generations to come!

Can we do this? Yes!!! Aju! We can!

Here are a few more precious words of inspiration from our True Father. First a passage taken from “Understanding True Parents Cheongpyeong Providence”,

…anyone can be victorious if they join with True Mother with oneness in heart, oneness in body, oneness in harmony and oneness in thought. In conclusion, this means we are living in an amazing age when everything can be achieved if the blessed families offer devotions at Cheongpyeong. The day when the Cheongpyeong holy ground will be regarded as a Mecca for all of humankind, and when many people will flock to this place as the original homeland, is not far in the future. This was made possible by the work of True Parents. [p. 73-74 in Understanding True Parents’ Cheongpyeong Providence]

Now here is a passage from Cham Bumo Gyeong,

This land of Cheongpyeong can become the foundation where an individual can be reborn. It is the place of cooperation between heaven, centering on the spirit, and earth, centering on the body. It can also be a place of the heart where a family or even a nation can be born, a place where the world and heaven and earth can be born, and where the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven can be built. If the Unification Church can stand in the position of having overcome hardships, we will be able to make dramatic progress.

The work of bringing all this together and educating young people from all over the world will take place here at Cheongpyeong. So will the work of gathering blessed families to attend workshops so that they can step forward to the world. This is something to be proud of. In fact, the people and nation can take pride in this place as representing the entire Republic of Korea. This is true not only for Korea and its people but also for Asia and the people of the world. (Cham Bumo Gyeong 5-1-6-20; 10 Mar 1997)

Beloved brothers and sisters. I want to encourage you to invest yourselves completely during the coming few days. You are Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ precious filial sons and daughters. May you find your clear and level path to victory and the realization of Cheon Il Guk.

Let us sincerely attend them and complete our mission to realize our Heavenly Parent’s, True Parents’, and the worldwide FFWPU’s dreams for the complete restoration of all life on earth and in heaven!

Let us establish and immortalize our True Parents by completing their dream for Cheongpyeong and Cheon Ji Sun Hak Won in Korea.

Actually when you think of it, we were talking earlier with leaders in the room. One elder brother was talking about going to Disney World. Anybody heard of Disney World or Disney Land? Yes? Disney World, if you do not know, is a place where they built a castle and a beautiful land and a fictional world around Micky and Mini Mouse, two mice that are not even real. And they call it the happiest place on earth.

If we even think about all around the globe, there is Tokyo Disney Land I went to in Japan, there are Disney Lands in everywhere. So if we think, oh, the mouse that doesn’t exist, the mouse couple. How can we not build Cheongpyeong, Cheon Il Guk, Cheon Ji Sun Hak Won to immortalize our True Parents?

In their life time, True Parents have walked the earth, indemnified everything, given us salvation, grace and the Blessing. How can we not as one family honor their lives and create this world as a true world of peace, not just the happiest place on earth, but the holiest place on earth for True Parents.

So I hope you can think about that and really invest your hearts and prayers. And this time I am really realizing this great, amazing vision and dream of our True Parents.

You are Heavenly Parents’ true children. We must realize, as true children of Heavenly Parent and True Parents, their vision and their dream.

I pray that Heaven’s blessing and True Parents’ blessing will touch each and every one of you and your ancestors. You are Heaven’s pride and joy. Please never forget this truth.

May this new spring season bring you and your families abundant blessings, eternal love, joy, enlightenment, liberation and fulfillment!

True Parents love you and thank you for being their true filial children. I know we can all be victorious! Aju!!

Salanghamnida!!! Kamsahamnida!!!

Have a wonderful Azalea Festival, brothers and sisters!

Thank you so much.