Romania: Open Hoondokhwe Discussion

By CARP Romania: On the 8th of April 2016, Romania CARP organized in Peace Center – Bucharest, the weekly HoonDokHae meeting. This week discussion topic was: “Trust”. The focus of the activity was on how to trust each other and how we can develop relationship based on trust.

For this week we had a guest, Bogdan, that is coach and personal trainer to help with the topic. He organized one game based on the prisoner’s dilemma.

We divided in two teams in order to play the game and was about trusting the other team. The goal of the game was to collaborate, in order to have a positive score for both teams, but also to have the higher score. At the end one of the team was on negative and both team lost.

After this experience of trust, we divided in small teams and discussed about what can we do to have more trust in people around us and also what ca I do to be more trustworthy in front of others.

Even though the time for discussion wasn’t so long, the result of the discussions was a very positive one.

As the answer to the first question guests mentioned: “See them as children of God with divine potential”, “I trust people only if they prove me they are keeping their word”, “to communicate more in order to know the potential of the other person. If I know the person I can find out if he is trustworthy.”, “don’t have prejudices and don’t think about the betrayal that I suffered.”, “let go the beliefs that people are mean and have hidden purposes that are meant to hurt you”, “be trustworthy”.

For the second question the answers where: “keep promises, showing that I care, no judgment”, “never, ever break my word… ever”, “My conscience is not allowing me to take advantage of others, because I know how it is when others take advantage of you”, “to be sincere, to offer my trust”, “facts should speak for ourselves, so we have to show how trustful we are through our actions. Help when is needed the most, don’t let them down when they count on you!”.

The guests where inspired by the event and said they will come with other occasions.

As a conclusion we emphasized that is very important to start with ourselves, if we want people to trust us, we should show them that we are trustworthy and that we can trust them.