Romania: How to Restore Human Values

By CARP Romania: As we could end one more week of JeonDo and also our 40 days JeongSung condition, we are happy that we can work together as brothers and sisters Romanian first generation and STF Europe team second and third generation in order to bring CheonIlGuk here in Romania. We can see every day how people are receiving inspiration and changing their concepts about life and coming closer to God’s heart, so this is really precious experience and holy work.

On April 23, 2016 we victoriously concluded this condition with 1Day Divine Principle Workshop with 6 participants, one of them coming for the second time because she said that she wants to listen again the lectures and understand deeper the meaning of the Divine Principle. We shared the truth through the lectures:

  • ‘Principle of Creation’ (first 3 sections),
  • ‘Human Fall’ (first section) and
  • ‘Introduction in the Principle of Restoration’.

The atmosphere was very joyful, as many of them were high school students and had really positive mind and open heart. They have this spirit to want to challenge themselves and discover something new, so they were really excited when, after the lunch, we organized the “True love is action” project. We made 6 teams and each one of them received some challenging missions to fulfill together, so they could also practice how to work in team and overcome their preconceptions and limits.

We are also happy that 3 from our Active CARP members came to be staff in the Workshop, one cooking lunch and the others two organizing the True love is action project, so surely they could also grow their heart and realize more about the parental ShimJung.

We want to offer our sincere heart and prayer for our beautiful guests and hope that we can offer good guidance for them in order to become true sons and daughters in front of Heavenly Parent and True Parents. We have hope for their future.