Romania: Family – The School of Love

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By FFWPU Romania: On 22nd of April 2016 we organized our weekly HoonDokHae meeting. This week theme was: “Family the school of love.”

To understand better, the topic, we started with a presentation about family and the meaning of true love and false love. The presentation was centered on Introduction to Divine Principle and Principle of Creation. We try to promote the positive aspects of the family and to show that family is very precious.

After the presentation we divided in four teams and shared our ideas centered on this topic. Then we gather a gain and shared the conclusions from each team. Everybody shared that family is very important, is the place where you experience love at every level, the place where you can feel safe and where we give the most love. Also as an ideal family they said that it should be a loving environment, a place of trust and no fear, also a place where you can charge with positive energy after a hard day.

We are very happy that we could spread these ideas among young people of Romania.