Poland: A Condition for Witnessing

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By FFWPU Poland: 14 brothers and sisters, first and second generation participated in a fishing cruise on the Baltic Sea at the end of April 2016.

Based on True Father’s philosophy, fishing can be treated as the condition to open the gates of witnessing, and so we did it for Poland.

At the same time, the first Polish edition of “Exposition of Divine Principle in three colors published as the foundation of Word for all people of Poland.

It was interesting to see one sister caught the biggest fish, which reminded us that we are living in the age of women, wives and mothers.

Despite the bad weather forecast for that day, the weather was very beautiful, a shining day and light wind. And we, all together caught lot of cods.

Wide and beauty of the sea, fishing experience together with the beautiful weather gave us hope for the new beginning of Providence in Poland.

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