Philippine: Historic Blessed Children Leadership Training Camp 2016

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by FFWPU Philippine, Julius Malicdem, Yiesun Vergara, Jae Young Manabat : The Philippines held a last May 21-25, 2016 in International Peace Leadership College campus, a 5-Day National Leadership Training Camp for Blessed Children from ages 15-20 years old gathering a total of 99 participants from all over the nation. With the theme, “Unleashing One’s Full Potential in spite Adversities”, the camp was the first ever fully organized and managed by the elder second generation in the Philippines with 8 core staff as part of the newly formed National Blessed Children Committee. This camp was a major breakthrough in Blessed children education in the Philippines focusing on developing the participants’ leadership skills centering on the Principle.

The 5-day camp was packed with interesting lectures and activities with a goal to train the elder blessed children to unleash their leadership potentials and to remind them about their identity and roles as blessed children. Through these activities, the participants were able to meet other blessed children from all over the country and also get together with other international blessed children even coming from Africa, Japan and Europe.

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There were different presentations during the entire workshop aimed at helping the participants develop themselves both internally and externally. The President of the National Blessed Children Committee, Victor Rabano one of the elder 2nd generation gave a lecture on the Identity as a Blessed Child. Other elder 2nd generation leaders, Yeami Custodio, Gem Custodio, Yiesun Vergara, Jae Young Manabat and Kristine Rabano, gave very good testimonies of faith, challenges in University life, talks on Leadership and insights on how to pioneer CARP in their own university.

Special lectures were also presented by the Asia Director for Witnessing and Education, Mr. Richel Jalipa on Principled Leadership; by a blessed couple from Europe, Will Ace-O and Alexandra Schermer on the importance and value of the Blessing and gave their personal testimony about it. Also, another 2nd gen from Europe, Annelise Bramsen, geve a lecture on loving the environment while Rev. Julius Malicdem, the Cheon-Il Guk Special Envoy and National Leader of the Philippines, gave a very powerful and inspiring lecture about the identity of a Blessed Child, the active roles that a Blessed Child should take, and how Blessed Children can be leaders of Cheon-il Guk in this era.

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The participants not received a lot of spiritual guidance, but they were also challenged physically in the different team-building games and activities of the workshop to bring them closer as real brothers and sisters centering on our True Parents. Through this National Leadership Training Camp, they were also able to substantially feel and experience that we are all One Family Under God.   Not only were they focused on the building a community of blessed children in the Philippines, but during the camp, they were also engaged in rendering service to a poor community especially making the children enjoy and feel the love from them.

One of the highlights of the camp, was the Gala night where the Blessed Children Philippines was officially launched and the National Blessed Children Committee was also officially introduced. The NBCC together with Dr. Julius Malicdem encouraged all the blessed children to take ownership and responsibility for the Blessed Children community in the Philippines. Through this, representative leaders from each of the Regions in the nation were elected. The NBCC was formed as an initiative of the elder blessed children to establish an ideal Blessed Children community centering on the tradition and culture of True Parents through its mission to educate Blessed Children on their identity and value as inheritors of the Heavenly Lineage towards becoming Principled global leaders.

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The camp ended with the elder blessed children in the Philippines taking on the challenge to become active stakeholders in realizing substantial Cheon il Guk. They all took on the challenge to be active in witnessing and to organize another Leadership Training Camp where they will bring their own guests as participants. With the hope they can truly bring more happiness to God and True Parents and become filial sons and daughters, the Blessed Children Community in the Philippines made a brilliant conclusion of the camp in high spirits and looking forward for the next camp.

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