Nigeria: UN International Day of Families and Blessing of Marriage

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By UPF Nigeria: We held a celebration for the International Day of Families on May 17, 2016 at the National Merit Award House in Abuja, in collaboration with FFWPU Nigeria. About 120 dignitaries representing diverse organizations such as the Peace Corp of Nigeria, the Harmony Corp, the Nigerian Police Officers Wives Association and Ambassadors for Peace were in attendance.

A keynote presentation was made by Rev. George M. Ogurie president of FFWPU Nigeria, on the Significance of the Interfaith Peace Blessing Program of the Unification Movement. He pointed out that the Blessing could be a critical tool in the crusade against corruption which is the main thrust of the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari. Since the family is the basic unit of society, corruption in society is only a reflection of corruption in the family. When husbands and wives cheat on each other, that’s a most fundamental corruption, said Rev Ogurie. He explained that at the Blessing ceremony, couples must pledge absolute fidelity to each other. He outlined five steps of the Blessing which have deep spiritual meanings but with also profound practical value for promoting true love, peace and happiness in the family and generating the highest level self-esteem in children, while addressing the problem of domestic violence which is currently rampant in the country.

At the end of the keynote presentation, 14 Peace Corp personnel who were present with their spouses came forward to receive Blessing at a ceremony officiated by elder Blessed Couple Dr. George and Carmella Ikpot.

Other highlights of the event were presentation of Ambassadors for Peace Certificates to leaders of civil society organizations that empower families, recognition and presentation of medals to couples who have been peacefully married for over thirty years.

Music and dance entertainment was provided by a Tiv Dance Troup all the way from Benue State. This event was covered by Radio Nigeria National Network which has a listenership of over 150 million.

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