Nepal: Wonmo Pyeongae Scholarship


BY FFWPU Nepal: The Wonmo Pyeongae Scholarship distribution took place in FFWPU-Nepal headquarters on April 28, 2016 at the presence of our Special CG Emissaries Dr. and Mrs. Robert S Kittel. For this year there were 12 second generations chosen to receive the scholarship. They are top students in their classes and even received a medal in academic field.

Dr. Kittel gave a special remark. Emphasizing the importance and value of scholarship program, he said “This certificate and this Wonmo Pyeongae scholarship program is from True Mother and you need to study hard for the sake of your future.”

One of the students said, “I’m so fortunate that to be part of True Parents’ scholarship program that help to sustain my studies. Until now my parents are still missionaries, busy doing mission.

The special Envoy to Nepal Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal and the FFWPU-Nepal president Rev. Santosh Kumar Paudel were not able to attend this event due to schedule of state tour in preparation for the 7 State Blessing Ceremony this month of May in a huge and massive scale.

On behalf of President of FFWPU-Nepal, Rev. Santosh Kumar Paudel, vice president of FFWPU-Nepal Rev. Prakash Babu Thapa distributed the Wonmo Pyeongae Scholarship.