Nepal: 21 Day Divine Principle Seminar

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by FFWPU Nepal: Our 135th 21 Day Divine Principle Seminar started on April 26 which will continue till May 16, 2016. It was inaugurated by Special CIG Emissary Dr. Robert S. Kittel. There are 66 participants from different state of Nepal. An auspicious and a wisenheimer participants becoming intense to go to the deepest teaching of Father and Mother Moon.

FFWPU Nepal president Rev. Santosh Kumar Paudel, gave the Father’s Life Course and Life of Faith. Rev. Paudel presentation touches the heart of the participants that make their tears fell down and make a strong commitment to help True Father and bring people and let them know the Avatar (Messiah) is on earth.

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The participants are giving their reflections after knowing the Divine Principle, and some say “I will continue to practice what I have learned and determined to change my lineage and liberate the sorrowful heart of God.”

The 21 Day divine principle participants are freshmen, newly high school graduate. They will undergo formula course during this workshop.

Mr. Rupsingh Bandhari, the training center director is giving the Divine Principle class and other lecturer is giving formula course presentation. They also have Tong Il Moo Do martial arts training after their morning devotion.

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