Liberia: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshop

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By FFWPU Liberia: We had a two days Tribal Messiah workshop for blessed couples and members here in Liberia which began On April 24 and ended on April 26, 2016.

The workshop was intended to motivate and remind us of our life time mission (Tribal Messiah Mission) given to us by True Parents with 74 participants.

Rev. Pamela S. Mwanga President of FFWPU Liberia, and Pastor John P. Teayah, vice president of FFWPU Liberia conducted the workshop. Mr. Romeo Youeto served as French translator.

Mr. Fofee Siryon, who is one of the Top Gun participant which gave inspiring testimony to members. He has since started planning with the second generation and youth many programs to keep them active with community service and fundraising.

At the end of workshop, all participants pledge their determination to bring one couple each for weekend workshop.

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On going contsruction works on the training center