Liberia: Divine Principle Workshop

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By FFWPU Liberia: On April 30, 2016 we had one-day Divine Principle workshop for previously married couples but many singles also attended. We had 18 participants which included 16 singles and 2 couples 1 Pastor, 7 University graduates, and 1 student Council President. Also some of those who came as singles later informed us after the workshop that they have partners and promised to bring them on this Saturday.

Rev. Pamela S. Mwanga and Pastor John P. Teayah (President and Vice President of FFWPU Liberia) gave lectures during this workshop.

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We had reflection time where some of the participants asked: why is it that the Divine Principle is not being preached to all parts of the Nation? Some asked how long the Divine Principle have been in Liberia, and when they were told, they express disappointment of why they did not know earlier. They said that Divine Principle is a good message and should be preached throughout the Nation. They were all inspired and promised to attend the next workshop.

This workshop really reminded me that if we do not do well in educating our people, they will accuse and judge us.

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On the 1st of May 2016, Sunday Service was conducted by Pastor Nora Yarkpazuo, Director of blessed family department. She spoke on the topic of “The Church and Church Life.”