Italy: WELL-BEING Soul and Body


By UPF Italy: Organized by UPF of Bergamo with the WFWP and FFPMU collaboration, a series of meetings on wellness of the Soul and the Body was held at the Hotel Donizetti in Lallio Bergamo,from April 15 to May 13, 2016. It started with an introduction on the close relationship that exists between the spiritual and the physical dimension in each one of us.

The first meeting held on April 15 was an introduction with the objective of verifying the interest on these issues; the number of over sixty participants was therefore a clear confirmation.

Carlo Zonato, representing UPF ITALY, introduced the first meeting explaining how even the search for our inner and outer well-being is a first important step to conquer peace at the individual level to be able to better convey peace to others.

The central part of the meeting was developed by Roberto Magni, bio-energy therapist and expert on various holistic disciplines for health, as well as UPF ambassador of peace. An intervention very focused on the need that we all have to find and recreate our connection with God, from whom we have received the divine gift of life that we must rediscover.

Hence, Roberto Magni explained, it follows a conception of the disease as a restoration of our integrity path to mature our divine essence. Every disease has its own meaning and its connection to the emotional and spiritual sphere; it is vital to be aware and to know how to listen to recreate our best harmony inside and outside.

The evening has sparked the interest of a considerable part the participants. In fact, 51 of them were then enrolled in the three evening cycle in order to deepen the understanding of the “Sould and Body Wellbeing”.

Evening meetings were held respectively on:

  • April 29 on the theme: “The Divine Gift of Life – what we see and we do not see”
  • May 6 on “The correlation Spirit Body – Harmonies and dystonias”
  • May 13 on the theme: “The reasons for Disease Spiritual – How to regain Health and Wellness.”

Participation in all the 3 meetings was intense and attentive and all participants confirmed their interest in continuing further moments of depth that will then be organized in the near future.