Italy: CARP Workshop

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By CARP Italy, Fiorella Capone: Around 35 young people from different parts of Italy joined the Carp workshop (organized by the youth leaders Antonio Vallone, Elena Chirulli and Fiorella Capone) held in Colle Mattia (Rome) from the 22nd to the 25th of April. It was a great chance to share about what we have done in our country as a youth association and make a new start with determination, commitment and desire to sow new seeds and make a positive impact in society. The motto of the workshop “Life of Values, Pure Relationships for a Better Society” was the underlying theme of each activity: lectures, discussions, service projects and also leisure activities created a stronger bond between the participants and a warm atmosphere.

The lectures, given by Antonio Vallone and the national leader Giuseppe Calì, covered different topics such as the importance of character education and family values, the fundamental essence of human life but also leadership guidance followed by discussions on how we can witness successfully both through the Divine Principle and Character education. One discussion led to an important point: it’s time for the young unificationist to take ownership and responsibility for our movement, for the society and the future and we want to start by restructuring Carp Italy as an “outreach tool”.

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The participants had the opportunity to take part in two service projects: one group cleaned the area around Colle Mattia train station and took away all the garbage and the others helped as staff in an event organized by the local community of Sant’Egidio to entertain children with games, cooking session, dance and other fun activities. After this program we visited a museum of art “Living together” created by disabled artists who, despite their disabilities, kept investing in their passion and talents. Both projects were a great chance for the participants to live for the sake of others, invest love and energy for a higher purpose and have a small but significant impact in the local area.

On the next day dedicated to the theme “pure relationship” we had a lecture, given by Agostino Rossi, on purity and relationships followed by a discussion in two groups about the masculine and feminine universe but also leisure activities such as sport, a football match, dance, board games and karaoke with an evening program dedicated to reflection/meditation and prayer.

The focus of the last day was “how we can build a better society and where do we start?” with lectures given by Elena Chirulli and Fiorella Capone covering topics such as discover ourselves, our identity, strengths and abilities and the importance of having a clear goal and direction in life which is not self-centered but God-centered.

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At the end of the session each participant had time to reflect and write a personal “life mission statement” and brainstorm ideas about Carp events and activities to organize in each community (carp talk events, service projects, meeting in university campuses etc..) and on a national level. Some of the outcomes are the creation of three committees: media (we will have a YouTube channel soon), article writers and administrators of the Facebook Carp page.

The participants showed a strong desire to cooperate, take initiative and responsibility as young unificationists. Here are some reflections from the participants:

“At the end of this workshop I feel more inspired and I want to do the best that I can back in my community and with the other 2nd generation. I expect that all of us are going to be more active and initiate new activities/events”.

“What I bring back from this workshop is a strong determination. I have a strong desire to be more active” “I feel more motivated and confident about the Italian youth movement”. “Yes, I feel more inspired because I understand now who we are and what we have to offer. I believe that in the future we will have a strong impact in society and we will attract many more people”.

We all felt that this ws was a breakthrough for the Italian youth movement and we now look forward to work together with clarity, passion and determination for God and True Parents!

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