Indonesia: Various Education Programs

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By UPF Indonesia, Alfred R. Forno: On April 13, we had a seminar for the Government Service of Education. This institution formulates technical policies and implements public services for the schools from elementary to high school in Jakarta.

Mrs. Ursula McLackland gave an introduction about character education based on True Parents’ philosophy, while Mrs. Kadarwati, the Chief of Information System and Data Center of Education Service, with her staff were listening to the lecture attentively.

They said they would like to have further workshops for teachers and students at schools in Jakarta concerning on Character Education. And at the end of event, they gave plaque of appreciation to Mrs. Ursula McLackland.

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Drug Abuse and its prevention lecture

On April 14, 2016 we had an education program about “Drug Abuse and Its Prevention” at SMP 61 Junior High School in Jakarta.

Mr. Djumadi Subiantoso, principal of the school gathered 100 students for a power point presentation given by Mr. David McLackland, Education Director of UPF Indonesia. Mr. Alfred Forno president of FFWPU Indonesia, was translating the lecture.

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Weekly Workshop

We started two 1- day workshop on every Saturday and Wednesday. The lectures on Wednesday are in English.