Indonesia: Blessing Workshop

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By FFWPU Indonesia, Alfred R. Forno : On April 16-17 2016, there was a 2-day blessing workshop conducted by Blessed Family Department of FFWPU Indonesia focused on education about True Parents and their teaching and philosophy and the value of blessing, as the preparation before joining the matching and then blessing. We had six participants.

President of FFWPU Indonesia together with the Director of Blessed Family Department of Asia visited Medan Center to conduct this program and also to present the Wonmo Scholarship to one of the members in this city.

Mrs. Ursula McLackland, Director of Blessed Family Department of FFWPU Asia, gave the main lectures. We also had time for testimonies, where participants shared about their reflections on their understanding and feeling after hearing about True Parents, which were tearful and inspiring.

We also had a Q&A time where we discussed about the contents of lectures joyfully.

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