Romania: How to Restore Human Values, Education

By FFWPU Romania: We concluded 5th week of 8th 40days JeongSung Condition period for JeonDo with 1Day Divine Principle workshop on April 9, 2016.

All the participants came to the Workshop with curiosity. The lectures were about ‘Principle of Creation’, ‘Human Fall’ and ‘Principle of Restoration’. The participants were attending all the lectures sincerely and trying to understand the message more clearly. Even though one of the guest was Muslim she was curious about the message. After the lectures all the participants were happy to discover new perspective about life through Divine Principle.

After lectures we had a small sharing in teams about how was the workshop and tried to know better each other by answering to the question: “What experience changed your life the most?”. The guests gave a positive feedback about workshop and created better relationship by sharing important experiences from their lives.

After sharing we had one project name of ‘True Love is Action’ organized by some of STF members. The focus of the project was to create unity and harmony inside the team. We separated in two teams and tried to reproduce the lyrics of a sing, each person saying one word. The guest enjoyed and were able to create more unity with other members and STF team.

We feel that young people are hope for Heavenly Parent and True Parents more and more. So we will continue to support our new brothers and sisters to discover Heavenly Parents heart through Divine Principle study and our activities.