Germany: What Does Being a Woman Mean to Me?

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WFWP Germany: On the occasion of World Women’s Day 2016, the Women’s Federation for Peace, Bonn, organized an afternoon event on Sunday March 13, 2016, in Bonn-Bad- Godesberg with the title: what does being a woman mean to me?

Both speakers, Ingrid Lindemann und Christine Sato, committee members of the Women’s Federation for Peace, Germany, explained the essential goals of the Women’s Federation and their own personal experiences in their efforts to attain inner peace, and then to manifest this outwardly in society. Their informative and perceptive presentations touched the intellects and emotions of the very mixed audience and stimulated a lively exchange of questions and answers. It became very clear that inner peace is not static, but rather is a living process.

It was very obvious on this afternoon, that the Women’s Federation was a place where I am valued, not for my knowledge or capabilities, for my family, my relationships, my religious affiliations, my money or what I am externally, but simply because I, as a woman, am an expression of the feminine side of the Cosmos, Godly in my being, as is every woman.’

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In this sense, peace is not a noun, but rather a verb. Peace is never static, peace is life and creation. The dynamic of creating peace between women is a spiritual power, that is so alive that it changes us, and everything around us. This spiritual power is the essence of all that moves the women in this federation to carry the peace process within us out to the world.

Three of those attending were awarded ‘Ambassador for Peace’ certificates in recognition of their service. Additionally, the Universal Peace Federation awarded such a certificate to one of the men who were present.