France: Top Gun Workshop

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On May 5th 2016, Rev. No Hi Pak, Special Emissary to Europe gave a special remarks at the TopGun Workshop in France which was held at Chamarande training center:


Dear beloved second generation leaders of France,

I am truly delighted to meet all of you today. I believe it is more significant because you have gathered here under the name of ‘Top Gun Workshop’, the first Top Gun Workshop of the French 2nd generations.

The Top Gun Workshop is a special workshop held regularly in Cheongpyeong since last year. It is held under the direct guidance of True Mother, to nurture the leadership of the second generation. The term “Top Gun” in the title refers to being the best. In 1970s-80s True Father mobilized a task force with some elite young leaders to contact the high level leaders in America. At that time Father put the name ‘Top Gun’ to them.

I heard that the young second generation leaders who participated in the Top Gun Workshop in Korea received immeasurable grace through the special love and guidance of True Mother, and they returned to their countries with the determination to be reborn as the best leaders of the next generation.

I know 9 second generations from France attended the last two of these workshops. They were also greatly impressed by the workshop, and when they returned, they shared with one another the inspiration they felt and the atmosphere they experienced. I believe that they are the ones who voluntarily prepared today’s workshop, in order that the many second generations in France can unite and act as one with a new resolution.

We are truly grateful for what you are doing here. That is why we have returned to Paris in the middle of our tour schedule through Finland and Denmark to meet all of you, so that we can convey True Mother’s heart to you.

My dear brothers and sisters, we truly love you all.

Dr. Moon and I were blessed as one of the 430 couples in 1968, and thankfully we were blessed with three sons.

Actually, our children are over forty years of age now.

That is why, whenever we meet you, we feel like we are your parents and you are our children. And so, we always love you, we are proud of you and we have great expectations of you.


My impressions of Europe as a Special Emissary

During the last two years, Dr. Moon and I have toured across more than 30 nations in Europe as Special Emissaries sent by True Mother. We have visited communities and attended Sunday services together with the members, and we have also met with many blessed families and had many conversations with second generations.

During this period, we came to know more profoundly about the history and the situation behind the Unification movement in Europe. We heard the testimonies of many elder couples from all nations in Europe. We were deeply moved as they told us about their lives of devotion and sacrifice in working for True Parents’ Providence.

We were also impressed by the fact that, despite many difficulties, they returned to their hometowns and continued to attend True Parents and follow the path of the Providence with absolute faith.

Moreover, we saw how everyone is working in their own way for the advancement of the Providence in their corner of the world, despite the many difficulties they face in witnessing within the humanistic and anti-religious atmosphere of European society. They have greatly inspired us.


Prospects for the future and research of development projects for sustainable growth

However, when we think more deeply about the future of our movement, we feel that the next five or ten years will be the most important period in determining the future of the Unification movement in Europe. Therefore, sometimes we cannot but be nervous and worried about this situation.

And so we believe that, at this moment in time, we need to work together with the second generations who are going to lead the next generation. Together, we need to see the reality, understand the problems and look for solutions, so that we can come up with a sustainable development plan for our movement. We have continued to emphasize this point to European members.

I think that today’s gathering is the very occasion through which you can find a way to come up with such alternative plans. And that’s why I encourage you with all of my heart.


Understanding the standpoint of second generations

Whenever I see you, I feel infinitely proud of you for being second generation brothers and sisters, which are a different generation from ours. However, at the same time I also feel compassion for you.

We, of my generation met True Parents while we were living in a satanic environment and feeling a thirst for the truth and doubts about history. Through the Truth and the Word of True Parents, we experienced the joy of rebirth and began to walk the path of the Providence.

We also set out with passion and the determination that we would participate in the Providence of the Lord of the Second Coming and the work of constructing the Heavenly Kingdom. In short, our generation is a generation that has overcome many difficulties and pioneered the path of faith.

You, on the other hand, were born as blessed children of the heavenly lineage, in an atmosphere of blessed families. You came to know True Parents through your physical parents, and yours is a generation that learned about the Word and faith indirectly.

In light of this, your faith can be said to be something that was not brought about through your own resolution, but instead a passive, inherited faith. That is why some of you may feel that this may not be your faith but your parents’ faith.


Being proud of principled values and life

Then let us think about this for a minute.

Aren’t you proud of the values of Divine Principle and living norms you have seen, learned and practiced until now?

Today’s world abounds with extreme materialism, secular individualism and hedonism.

Sometimes in your social life you may even feel lonely, almost as if you were a small boat floating alone in the midst of a great stormy ocean. Sometimes you may feel doubts and wonder to yourself if the path we are following is indeed the one that will lead us to victory.

Be that as it may, aren’t you still proud of the values you have when compared with those of others? Aren’t you proud of the lives you lead as you humbly uphold the Will of Heaven?

Two thousand years ago, Jesus went up against the world to bring his new message of the “Kingdom of God movement”. However, he failed in the face of the arrogance of ecclesiastical leaders and the tradition of the Old Testament age, and in the end he was crucified. And yet, with the passage of time, the Words of Jesus won against the world due to the sacrifices of passionate Christians. Our position today can be said to be similar to that of Jesus in his time.

Until now, True Parents’ new truth movement, true family movement, and Cheon Il Guk construction movement were rejected as being the heretical religious movements of a minor faction. However, in the end, the world will find itself trapped in a hole, wherein it will not be able to find solutions without the values of Divine Principle of True Parents.

The problem is how we can go beyond the short, seventy or so year history of the Unification movement and not lose our identity in the history of the next hundred years. We should continue to be proud of the value of our Truth and stand high as beacons, and practice it in our daily lives. If we can do so, I am positive that a time will come in the not too distant future when we will be respected for being who we are.

In this regard, whether we will triumph or fail depends on you, the 2nd and 3rd generations.


The importance and value of True Parents’ words

True Parents have given us not only the Divine Principle but also a great many words teaching the Heavenly Truth like gems. These words are not the words of the past, but rather the “new words” for the future. They are the “new gospel”.

Today people of the world speak of human rights and the value of human beings, but what could be greater than the value of human beings based on God’s Ideal of Creation, taught to us by True Parents? Moreover, the world tries to assert the various differentiated forms of family and asks that all those forms be recognized. But what could be greater than the value of the family based on the Ideal of True Family, taught to us by True Parents?

And though the world employs various and diverse political systems, what ideal could be greater than the ideal of Cheon Il Guk?

True Parents have taught us everything and prepared these teachings for us. It is up to us to uphold the legacy of True Father and unite as one with True Mother, who is now leading the Providence. If we read those words, learn them and practice them, heavenly fortune will be on our side and our Heavenly Parent and True Parents will watch over us.


True Mother’s expectations for Europe

I am sure you know well what great expectations True Mother has for Europe.

In particular, with regard to European second generations, True Mother held a “Cranes Club” meeting during her visit last year in Vienna. At that meeting, she personally met with four hundred second generations and saw how innocent and passionate they are. She let us know that she has great expectations for them, complete confidence in them and that she has high hopes for our future which will be made by their hands. We should be truly grateful for this.

In Europe in the 1970s, missionaries carried out underground mission work in the communist nations of Eastern Europe under the name of ‘Mission Butterfly’. She remembers the devotion of those missionaries, who risked their lives and walked the path of sacrifice. She also highly values the pioneering spirit of the elder members, who were mobilized to work in all countries across the world in accordance with True Father’s Providence. She knows that they have had to overcome innumerable difficulties as they walked the path of pioneering work for ten or even more than twenty years. If our second generations were to inherit the spirit of their parents’ generation and march forward bravely, they could give rise to a cultural revolution by which a new “unified world of the culture of heart” can be established over the 2000-year-old Christian cultural realm. This is what she expects of you, as we all know.

Beloved second generation Top Gun leaders, you are proud blessed children who have inherited heaven’s lineage and have been freed from the chains of the Fall. Your birth is the fruit borne of the Blessing your parents have received from True Parents. True Parents said that, when they matched couples for the Blessing, they considered the future children of those couples rather than the Blessing candidates themselves. You are the fruit thus borne.


Fruits engrafted to the true lineage

A fruit cannot forget its roots. True Parents are the source and the root ancestors who engrafted heaven’s lineage to your parents and brought about your birth. Therefore, you should always remember them, be proud of them and love them.

You have received the words of the Divine Principle and the Truth, unknown by the rest of the world. The world demeans the value of those words because of its ignorance, but these words are the Truth which go beyond any theory or ideology boasted of by this world, for they guarantee even eternal life. Therefore, you need to learn them, study them and practice them.

There are many of your brothers and sisters across the world who were born of the same lineage as you. Let us communicate with them at all times and affirm our fraternity. They are the talented people who will not get mixed up with the world, and will instead win it over. The Divine Principle has taught us that we have the responsibility to devote ourselves not only to achieve the ‘purpose of the individual’ but also the ‘purpose of the whole’. Accordingly, we should unite in solidarity not only to achieve individual development but also to achieve our overall goal, which is the fulfillment of God’s Will. If we can do so, there will not be anyone who can win against us.

A Harvard research team followed the lives of more than two thousand people over a period of seventy-five years and studied them. The results showed that the people who led happy lives were not those who only sought money or honor. Instead, they were those who had successfully formed beautiful human relationships, such as having a loving family or amicable working relationships. We, brothers and sisters in the Unification Community should practice the words of True Parents and live for the sake of true people, true families, and the world. If we can do so, and successfully form beautiful relationships in contrast with the rest of the world, we can lead lives that are happier than anyone else’s.


Second generation leaders will become the owners of the next generation

In addition, you also need to become the owners and leaders of the next generation.

An owner has to have a sense of responsibility and also needs to be creative. The next generation, which will be molded by your hands, will be different from your parents’ generation. If your parents’ generation has lived through the restoration course through indemnity, you, 2nd generation will live in through an age of development. I hope you will all make utmost efforts to become people who lead the world from the forefront.

Unlike your parents’ generation, you have received higher education and you possess expertise and capability.

For whom do you intend to utilize such proud assets?

Is it for yourselves? You shouldn’t do that. That is not what Heaven desires of you. You need to utilize them to contribute to the Providence of our Heavenly Parent and the successful achievement of True Parents’ Will.

To do so, you need to work for the advancement of our movement and share love with your brothers and sisters. When True Mother established the Cranes Club, she spoke these words of blessing: “When our second generations go out into the world to work in their fields of expertise with their outstanding capacity and ability, they should do their best to become bright beacons in the world. Wherever they may be or whenever it may be, I pray that they will become victorious second generations within the realm of True Parents’ love and the realm of the dominion of the principle under God’s Will.”

Through today’s Top Gun Workshop, I hope that our young second generations of France will be able to build a closer network. With this network as the beginning, they will be able to unite as one with a heart that wants to live for the sake of the whole and not just one’s own self.

Moreover, I hope that you will lead shadow-free lives of the settlement of noon, so that you can develop yourselves even further and be respected by others. I also hope that you will come together in solidarity by living for the sake of one another, and become one in your resolution to build Cheon Il Guk and live within Cheon Il Guk together.

I pray that your practice of true love will overflow in your surroundings, and that you will become the ancestors who can give rise to tribes.

I am confident that our Heavenly Parent will protect you at all times. Thank you.

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