Finland: Exemplary Attendance to True Parents


By FFWPU Finland: True Parents’ Special Emissaries to Europe, Mr. Pak, No Hi and Mrs. Moon, Lan Young visited Finland over the first weekend of May. (April 29 – May 2, 2016)

Finland is at the fringe of Europe, where no one comes coincidentally. So whenever someone comes here, we feel they are special. Now through the visit of Mr. Pak and Mrs. Moon, Unification families, and brothers and sisters felt being in the limelight of True Parents’ loving attention.

On the bright Saturday morning we first gathered for singing and prayer at the Holy Ground, a calm place in a popular park at the seaside of Helsinki.

After a walk and sharing in the fresh air, we proceeded to see the Marina Congress Center, where True Mother gave her speech “The Path of Humankind” 17 years ago, in May 1999, as part of her world-wide speaking tour, and had then left in the country the legacy of True Parents’ heart and word.

Then we toured a couple of sites near the central market-place at the heart of Helsinki, a Lutheran Dome and a Russian-Orthodox Cathedral. Mrs. Moon and Mr. Pak then shared a lunch in a Korean restaurant with some long- time missionaries to Finland.

One of the messages by Mr. Pak and Mrs. Moon was to pursue a close relationship and cooperation between the first and second generations, and to care for the transition of missions to the next generations. They spent time with a group of Second Generation youth and conveyed guidance and grandparental heart to them.

To conclude the Saturday Mrs. Moon realized her long-cherished wish to experience a Finnish sauna. So after just a 40 minutes ride out of town she and her husband Mr. Pak were in a log cabin in the middle of a forest at a quiet lake, relaxing with a hot sauna steam bath. Afterwards they enjoyed the calmness of the evening at the sunset and had sandwiches with local fish, mushrooms, cheese and elkmeat, prepared by a friendly couple of the hosting house.

On Sunday the 1st of May, a full hall of families, friends and guests of the Unification Community had gathered for the Sunday Service. Mrs. Moon testified about the decades of her life with the True Parents, Unification Church and WFWP.

A historic life of attendance to God and True Parents

Mr. Pak said that inspite of geographical distance, we are very close to the True Parents through their Words and the internet. He reminded us to keep God continuously in the back of our mind, whatever we do, and to testify to the truth. To build the Cheon Il Guk begins with “myself”, each one of us. There is no one else to do that.

After the Sunday Service and in some other occasions several brothers and sisters had a chance to talk personally with Mrs. Moon and Mr. Pak. They met with some “old-timers” as well as a young lady, who had just met the Principle three days before and said she wants to go this way.

The Sunday coincided with the traditional May 1st family and students’ spring festival expressing relaxed and joyous spirit.

Mr. Pak and Mrs. Moon are an impressive couple. They radiate respect and love for each other and parental heart to everyone around them. Their visit to Helsinki was a warm spring breeze from True Mother’s heart and left us with a lot of precious guidance, – and empowered to become ourselves such persons of exemplary attendance to Heavenly Parent and True Parents.