Fiji: UN International Day of Families

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By FFWPU Fiji: In our day of progression of our human society our family is the one who are influenced in different ways and factors. We can observe the downfall and break down of the various families in our society and the rise of families that maintained the moral standard of the family values and ethics. In this day of United Nation International day of family, we want to remind ourselves the importance of values education to the different families around our society.

In this important event we acknowledged 8 couples who stayed in their married life and maintained and respected the value and the sacredness of the institution of marriage and 1 newly married couple to be the awardee of United Nation International day of family as the Happily married couple awardee. This 7 couple spent their married life for 35-50 years of married life. At the same time there were more than 95 individuals consisting the 23 students of the Tong- Il Moo Do Club practitioners of the College and with their parents and several invited guest. In this very important day we are proudly to acknowledge the response of the former first lady of the republic of Fiji Adi Koila Marama to be the chief guest of the said gathering.

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The program coordinator of the event Mr. Wasu Deo was our General Secretary of Universal Peace Federation spoke about the significance of True love. Mr. Deo asserted that true love is the way to break down the barriers and solved the problem of the world. He added the importance of practicing this love to the family and to the society that we are living. Mr. Deo organized the program the flow of the program very well.

The Chairman of the FFWPU Mr. Santosh Neupane give an important lecture about “The family is the school of love and Peace” that makes the program very valuable. Mr. Santosh focus on discussing the importance of love, life and Lineage. He explained the core teaching of true parents about maintaining the purity before marriage and fidelity after marriage that lead to get the crowd attention about the topic. Mr. Santosh also added about the topic of the importance of relationship.

After the lecture, the former first Lady Andi Koila Marama give her very inspiring message that pointing out that the foundation of building a good family is the cornerstone of bringing our society to a balance development where both external and internal development of the people of the society were address. She explained that building a good society need to start in building the good character of every individual and build a family that has a strong string attached to the moral standard of family values that would bring about a good and a progressive society.

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The President of the Saraswati Ramayan Mandali Foundation and the president of the school management Mr. Sat Narayan give his recognition of the effort and service of the Universal Peace Federation Fiji and Family Federation for World Peace and Unification Fiji for its service to the community. He spoke about the importance of the family institution. Mr. Narayan conveyed to the parents and guest that 98 percent of the school community in the whole nation of Fiji were founded by Family Unit and Institution in the previous era. He asked the audience to give importance of the effort and sacrifices of the different family unit and fore fathers in the past era and make effort to build a strong family bond inside in every family.

The last speaker was Mrs. Shobhana Ram the president of Women’s Federation for World Peace Fiji, she give a very inspiring message about the different situations and conditions of the different families in the society of Fiji Republic. She explained about the necessity of values education and character education to the families that would point out of the proper Parenting Life. This message triggered the crowd to appreciate the said event.

The program was organized by Family Federation for World Peace and Unification in conjunction with UPF Fiji, WFWP Fiji. Saraswati Ramayan Mandali was co- organizer of the Program. Saraswati Ramayan Mandali and FFWPU Fiji are in process to sign MOU to become partner organization.

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