Cameroon: Seminar for Married Couples in Tiko

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By UPF Cameroon, Fongoh Innocent: On Sunday the 09th of May 2016, in the small town of Tiko in the Southwest region of Cameroon where peace ambassadors have been active for the past two years. Based on collaboration between UPF branch in southwest region and the Mayor of Tiko council, the council hall has been used numerous times for carrying out conferences to promote the teachings of True Parents. There were 51 registered couples and 15 individuals (making a total of 117 people) who participated at the conference. The conference was organized by the Peace Ambassadors Club of Tiko who are led by Mrs. Mkamngo Rose (the state counsel for Mutengene and regional coordinator of southwest branch of UPF). Amongst the peace ambassadors is the delegate of women empowerment and family who mobilized couples who are preparing to sign their civil marriage vows on the international day of families to be celebrated on the 15th of May.

The conference that lasted about 5 hours was handled by Rev. Fongoh Innocent Ndasi (S.G for UPF Cameroon). The title of the lecture was “the purpose and value of Marriage”. During the lecture he essentially explained the ideal of creation centered on marriage in which he explained the relationship between love, life, lineage and conscience and how the quality of one’s heart is determined by the manner in which the sexual organs are used.

Next he explained the fall of man revealing the root cause of family breakdowns, infidelity, divorce and other vices that revolve around unstable families. He then concluded by introducing the providence of restoration as the means to restore couples, broken families and the society. He also explained that the blessing given by True Parents is the way to restore our original nature and the original ideal of the family.

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After the lecture, some people in the audience asked questions concerning their marriage and they were satisfied with the answers they received. Towards the conclusion of the conference, we were graced by the arrival of the National Leader of Cameroon; Rev. Ondoua Edwin Plekhanov who was making a tour in the southwest region and decided to stop by Tiko and see what was going on. His presence was a great motivation to the people. Through his words and testimony about his blessing and family, the audience was brought to understand and believe that all that they had been hearing during the lecture before his arrival was the truth and that it is possible to live faithfully with one’s spouse for eternity. Seeing the number of people who were present and the enthusiasm of the audience, he spoke to them about the blessing and asked them if they are willing to receive the blessing and restore their marriage.

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There was a unanimous response from the audience who all accepted to return next Saturday, the 14th of May to receive the blessing before signing their civil marriage on Sunday the 15th of May. At the end, they shared some snacks which had been prepared by the organizing team and the people expressed their joy about the testimonies of the national leader and also that of Rev. Fongoh. We selected a few testimonies from the couples and have included in the following paragraph.

Couple 1: through this lecture, I have come to realize my mistakes. I am very happy that we have been given the opportunity to make a new beginning as a married couple. Based on the teaching of Rev. and Mrs. Moon, I believe that our family can regain life.

Couple 2: this is my first time to understand that fornication and adultery are the cause of all the problems we face from the individual, family, society, nation and world levels and my conscience tells me that it is true. I and my wife are ready to take an oath against adultery and stand for fidelity.

Couple 3: I am an elder in the Catholic Church for many years now. But I feel like I am just beginning to learn the truth today. I have come to understand that the “holy sacrament” in which priest take an oath not to marry is not God’s original plan and that everyone is meant to get married. After hearing Rev. Fongoh say for 18 years of marriage, he has known only his wife and also Rev. Edwin saying that he has been married for 24 years and known only his wife I have also come to understand that I need to make more effort to love my wife and make her the happiest woman.

Looking at all that took place, we offer our sincere gratitude to Heavenly Parent and True parents and pray that he continues to inspire such results. Our next challenge will be to have a place belonging to our movement where we can follow up these couples and educate them. With our national leader on the frontline, we believe God is taking our nation to a new level in the providence.

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