Cameroon: 7-Day Divine Principle Seminar

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By FFWPU Cameroon, Nchia Kamran: A 7-day Divine Principle Workshop was held in Douala from the 25th of April to the 1st of May 2016. The seminar began with 6 participants but only 4 out of the 6 successfully went through the seminar to the last day. 2 participants couldn’t get through the last two days because of illness. The following paragraph gives a brief view of how the seminar took place.

On the first day they were lectured on the Introduction, the Principle of Creation and the Fall of Man by Mrs. Kouakou Laure, Mrs. Njuh Marie Louise and Mr. Oundou Robert respectively. On the second day they covered Eschatology, the Messiah (the mission of Jesus) and resurrection by Mrs. Oundou Leocardie and Mr. Oundou Robert respectively. On the third day, Mrs. Oundou Leocardie taught predestination and Christology while Mrs. Kouakou Laure gave an introduction to the principles of restauration.

On the fourth day, Mr. Ngando Elessa taught on the providence of restauration in the families of Adam, Noah and Abraham while Mr. Nkemkeng Jean David lectured on the providence centered on Moses and Jesus. On the fifth day Mr. Nkemkeng Jean David continued and concluded the lecture on Moses and Jesus while Nguene Edouard lectured on the preparation for the Second Advent.

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On the sixth day Kamran concluded the series of lectures by giving a resume of the parallels before presenting the last lecture on the second coming. After the lecture, he introduced True Parents and chained this with a brief PowerPoint presentation of True Parents’ life, mission and accomplishments. This was followed by a short video presentation of True Parents. The participants were so moved that they forgot the passage of time and were eager to keep listening about True Parents marvelous lives. Kamran further explained to them that meeting the messiah is our greatest hope and having our original sin removed is our greatest privilege. He then exhorted each of them to live principled lives and begin preparing themselves towards the blessing.

Mrs. Njuh Marie Louise who is the Regional leader of Littoral then concluded the day by encouraging the young participants to keep studying by attending the weekly Wednesday education program in order to enhance their spiritual growth and witnessing abilities. They were then asked to be present the next day (Sunday) so that they could participate in the Sunday service and give their impressions and testimonies and to write a principle test.

The next day, they were all present at the Sunday service and after the service, each participant gave very good impressions of their 7-day experience. One of them offered a bow of gratitude to True Parents. Below is the reflection of each participant.

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Wamir Melissa Annelle Midja (23 yrs.): I am very grateful to True Parents for revealing the Divine Principle. I was living in ignorance before but now that I understand the truth, I will try to conform myself to the teachings of the Divine Principle.

Toungom Timothee Junior (24 yrs.): I am grateful to Mrs. Nicole Atangana who brought me here to discover the Divine Principle and True Parents. I grew up in a different faith tradition. After learning the principle, I see a big difference between what I grew up believing and what is true. Yet I still believe that the tradition I grew up in helped me to finally come in contact with the principle. I Am grateful to all those who taught us during the 7 days and I will remain connected to True Parents.

Nsem Arnold Lord (23 yrs.): I am deeply grateful to True Parents who have come as the Messiah. For this let me bow to True Parents (he bows before True Parents). I am also grateful to my friend Gaius who brought me to Kamran and to Kamran who encouraged me to attend this seminar. To all our teachers and those who helped to cook for us during the 7 days, I am really thankful to you all. I have learnt that God’s desire is for humanity to realize the 3 great blessings. I want to establish an ideal family and become a perfect person. For this reason, I am remaining here with True Parents. I think there is no turning back. I will keep learning and spreading the message to others.

Mbinziwoh Gaius Mandiefe (25 yrs.): I am deeply touched and don’t really know how to express my joy. I feel like my eyes have opened and I have seen the light. Kamran has been speaking to me about the Divine Principle and I kept postponing rendezvous but after I finally decided to attend a two-day seminar, I realized that I had been wasting precious time by postponing. What I learnt during those 2 days touched me so much and I asked Kamran why such a great truth was not taught in churches. Later Kamran told me that the truth has the power to transform someone and if I really care for someone, then the greatest gift I can offer to that person is to let that person to know the principle and be transformed by its light. That is how I brought my best friend Arnold to Kamran. After Kamran lectured us, he asked us to attend the 7-day workshop and really encouraged us. Now I see that this good news of True Parents must be spread very fast and I am determined to let many more people to know that the Messiah has come and that True Parents teaching can enable us remove the original sin and build ideal families. I am going to be regularly attending service and learning more on Wednesdays and also participating in the programs of the movement. I am grateful to all of you. I think the unification movement is made of wonderful people. I am grateful especially to True Parents.

At the end of the Sunday service, they were given a Divine Principle test and after that they watched more videos of True Parents before returning home. They were all very happy.

We offer this report with a lot of gratitude to Heavenly Parents and True Parents!

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