Brazil: The Third University Students Meeting

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By CARP Brazil: The Third University Students Meeting was organized by the CARP members on April 21, 2016 at the São Paulo Headquarters Church. And our goal was to spreading CARP movement inviting new guests to Home Group. There were 72 participants including 37 guests who came to this meeting as the results of CARP member’s Oikos hard work in their campus.

The Emissary for the youth and CARP movements in Brazil, Rev. Kwun In-Seong, was with us and he conveyed his message to the university students as well.

A representative of the CARP Brazil made a presentation on the search for happiness and the purpose of life based on the Divine Principle. With the content of this lecture, participants could reflect on their life looking for an internal change first in order to love their neighbors.

All the participants had a good time to share the light meal together, talk to the new people to know each other and play the icebreaker games. Specially our new guests liked a lot this event, and got closer to CARP. Most of them wanted to come back for next event and participate in Home Group.

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