Brazil: The First Meeting for the Matching Advisors

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BY FFWPU Brazil: On March 23, 2016 we held the first meeting for matching advisors with 18 participants. The meeting started at 9 am with the opening remarks by Maria Dolor Barbosa das Graças (BFD Director of Brazil), then she proceeded with sharing to the participants some guidance on how the Matching Advisors could go step by step the process of helping find a match to their prospective candidates, also how each one could orient properly the matching candidates. In the attached files you can see the guidance given to the Matching Advisors.

Each one felt the great importance of all leaders and Matching Advisors to know all the details that´s written in the guide and there´s a need to spread this content so that everyone can properly guide all matching and blessing candidates.

Pr. Valcir Zancan (the Vice-President for Education of the FFWPU, Brazil) came next giving important orientations of strictly sticking to the standard and to not compromise to anything because of humanistic love. He emphasized to truly educate and guide the matching candidates and not to go with their whims thereby going against the standard and what the BFD is orienting officially about the process of Matching and Blessing. The orientations of Pr. Valcir was very good!

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After lunch, we had a group dynamic where everyone could express their views, feedbacks and suggestions, it was very good, too!

The meeting finished at 4 pm. Mrs. Flor Zancan (BFD staff) coordinated the program.

This meeting was so important to prepare for the 2nd meeting of Matching Advisors in June where there will be the suggestions of potential match to qualified candidates in line with the goal of having more spiritual children to go to the blessing in 2017 that whoever will get the great number, the prize will be a round-trip to Korea on Foundation Day in 2017.

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Everyone is inspired with that incentive but everyone is also serious because it´s not just the number of spiritual children to raise up but it´s to qualify each spiritual child to become candidates for the matching and blessing. In general, everyone is hopeful despite of the challenges at hand and in the future.

We thanked so much, Heavenly Parents and True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind for the opportunity of having the 1st meeting of Matching Advisors be successful and victorious.

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