USA: Bay Area Can Do It!

by FFWPU USA, Kevin Thompson: The Bay Area Family Church held a We Can Do It seminar for Tribal Messiahship the weekend of May 14 and 15, presented by Demian Dunkley.

I asked Demian Dunkley, the director of evangelism for FFWPU-USA (Director of Witnessing and Education of FFWPU North America), to come here after hearing his presentation in Las Vegas at the 430 Tribal Messiahship National Leadership Conference in April, because a lot of individuals and families in our local community are already active with outreach, but need help to get organized and systematized in their activities.

Our community has a lot of people doing many different Tribal Messiahship activities, which is wonderful, but they have the sense that something is not clear. They are having a hard time recognizing that they are bringing results or that their efforts are accomplishing anything.

I realized that we needed a paradigm shift, a new understanding of what constitutes “results” and “victories”. Of course, we know that bringing 430 couples to the Marriage Blessing Ceremony is the ultimate goal, but it can be daunting. It’s easy to think, “I’m never going to reach that.” After hearing Demian speak in Las Vegas, I realized people needed a clearer sense of purpose and a way to know that their efforts are making a difference.

Demian came and helped us create that paradigm shift. He helped us see that we have a way to measure our progress every day. That we are creating a culture of serving, and loving, and kindness that demonstrates the Divine Principle; we are doing that every day, even if we are not actively witnessing every day.

He also came with practical tools. The Tribe Kit has so many resources, two of which stood out. First, the Tribe Handbook is a very practical guidebook that helps tribal messiahs think for themselves and envision how they want to move forward.

Second, the Three-Month Planner stood out to me as a way for tribal messiahs to track their efforts in a measurable way. By using the planner, our local tribal messiahs can see that they really are accomplishing something.

Overall, it was a wonderful two days. We had about 60 participants (40 of whom came with their spouses) who left the seminar feeling recharged and ready to go!


Keiichi Munakata : It was a very good workshop, and I hope we can keep the momentum going by following our schedules with our trinities. After the workshop I feel like I see things on a different level. Whenever I meet a person, I automatically think, “How can this person fit into my tribe?” True Father’s speeches have become more meaningful, and I can relate to them more after Demian explained God’s global providence all the way down to the individual level.

Demian broke down our focus to the two most important things we can do right now for our community. This allowed our community to come together, to focus on things that are important for the community, and to effect greater change by working together. I liked being reminded to practice working together as a tribe before we start our own tribes. In that way, we are able to know our community better before we get to know others outside our movement.

Sarah Brown : I thought the workshop was excellent. I had similar ideas about creating a workbook for Tribal Messiahs before coming to the seminar, and it’s as if Demian took the ideas straight from my head! The materials were helpful and professional, and the presentation was insightful, well-designed, and portrayed meaningfully.

I truly appreciated the emphasis on creating real goals and action steps, and wish we could have spent more time on it. Hopefully all of us will hit the ground running with the rest.

Michael Allen : The seminar inspired the members of the Bay Area Family Church to work together as a team. What impressed me the most was that our pastor was given a new vision of creating a Unification culture.

Peter Califano : Demian did a good job in organizing and presenting this seminar. I thought that the approach to have each of us locate what cultural spheres we were attracted to (religion, business, etc.) was an interesting and new way to look at oneself. Then we were guided to focus on an external, local issue, and this was an excellent way to get people to think creatively for an out-of-the-box approach to witnessing. Organizing ourselves into trinities was ultimately a good way to move forward and do something in a much needed area.

Marie Bond : We could really feel Demian’s sincere heart to inspire all of us to take our position as tribal leaders and focus on fulfilling our responsibility and our mission.

The most important point in the workshop was the emphasis on the family as the one unit, working together with two other families as a trinity to build a tribe and the kingdom.

For those of us who have older kids, the natural flow to build a tribe will be working with our children who are Blessed and their extended families. The common purpose here will be the lineage, and we should work together to protect and educate the new generation.

Our children are not coming to church because we, the first generation Unificationists, are occupied with church activities and our children are occupied with other things. Those other things should be so important for us because they influence our children and we need to be there to advise them and work with them. So even when we get together as a trinity and do activities together for outreach and growth, we always will be occupied with what our kids are doing and how we can help them. I’d love to form a trinity with my children and their spouses and their families. The kingdom starts from the family to the tribe.

Gloria Frothingham-Goldstein : I felt so grateful that Demian came and gave us clarification and the wonderful trinities and handbook to keep us accountable.

I have been hoping and praying that someone could come and help our church family regain our vision and give us tangible guidelines that could support us in substantiating Cheon Il Guk in our families.

This weekend was like a shot in the arm of love and truth, and now we’re ready to become the best for our families, the community, society, nation and world.

Bob Gauper : I’m inspired by Demian’s enthusiasm and visionary thinking. My wife and I have been looking over the Tribe Kit and are impressed by the care and work it must have taken to put it all together. The vision that the trinity model promotes validates and clarifies some directions in which we already were (tentatively) going. Our first agenda item is the revival of a National Parents’ Day event, which we used to do every year. I’m very grateful for all the effort and positive energy that I saw from the National Ministry Team. These presentations were a breath of fresh air and hopefully will spark a revival of evangelical activity in District 11.