Austrian Committee for Transition Taking Shape

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By FFWPU Austria, Peter Zoehrer: We had a national leaders meeting with 30 participants in Vienna at the headquarter of the FFWPU on April 30 – May 1, 2016. Purpose of the meeting was to establish strategies and goals toward VISION 2020 and Heavenly Tribal- Messiahship and the Blessing.

After the Sunday sermon on Conversion Narratives, by President of FFWPU Austria, Peter & Gaby Zoehrer appointed three new assistant pastors and a director of Education Department. These new appointees were all 2nd Generation. A new pastor was appointed for the Lienz (East-Tyrol) community.

  • LINZ: Bogdan & Yoshiko Pammer
  • STYRIA: David & Juni Wurzer
  • VIENNA: Jenny Businaro & Simon Cook
  • LIENZ: Erna Filzmaier (pastor)

The conference also included three working groups and the outcome was reported at the plenum. Furthermore, the national finance department has convened on Saturday evening for an extensive discussion on how to manage national and local finance as well as how to generate new income for the purpose of outreach activities.

The meeting was marked by a spirit of great hope and determination for the future.

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