Austria: CARP Workshop

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By CARP Austria: Between the 25th and the 28th of March Carp Austria held an Easter Workshop in the beautiful training center in Gaflenz. There was quite a diverse group of participants (approximately 20 excluding staff) from different regions of Austria, as well as different countries! We also had the pleasure of having 2 new members join our workshop. The motto of the workshop was “The essence of true unificationism”. During this time of confusion and chaos, both in society as well as in our movement, we felt it was necessary to go back to the core of our movement and reflect on what True Father meant with “unification” and what role we play in it.

For each day of the workshop we had a different focus, as well as a different lecturer: on the first day the topic dealt with was the meaning of a true unificationist and Orlande Bauer shared very deep and personal experiences with God and helped us realize that our common base as unificationists is our True Father. The second day focused on the lifestyle that we want to cultivate, so Emanuel Bauer talked about the importance of developing a culture of heart. He also gave an insight into the lives of the True Children, having worked with many of them on a personal level. The last day was about what impact we want to make in society.

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Walter Waldhäusl gave us a broad view of how our movement is currently impacting society, not just in Europe, but on a global scale. He also helped us reflect on what we can do here in Austria to substantialize CIG. The sincerity and insight of all three lectures was very much appreciated from all of us. During the workshop we also had the chance to hear from two participants, who had just come back from the Top Gun workshop in Korea and who gave us a little taste of what they had experienced.

The workshop was without a doubt very rich in content, but also in activities! The main activities included: climbing, learning how to make sheep cheese and a team-building Easter challenge in nature. Already from the start of the workshop there was a very positive and joyful atmosphere and by the end of it, we could develop stronger bonds with one another and gain a lot of inspiration. It was certainly a precious weekend for all!

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