Australia: True Marriage and Family Project

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By FFWPU Australia: On May 16, 2016 a special meeting with representatives of different faith traditions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam was convened to discuss current issues related to marriage and family in Australia. During the meeting, we discussed about the danger and negative consequences of redefining of marriage in the society. Representatives of different faith traditions representatives shared their views on the importance of marriage and family in sustaining and strengthening the society.

With this backdrop, we initiated a marriage and family project that is centered on universally shared values and true love. We intend to make a grass roots, pro-family alliance which will include politicians, academics, business leaders, NGO leaders, artists, media, and the youth, and to hold educational rallies to raise awareness about the dangers of redefining marriage.

The following are the action steps we will take together:

  1. Produce a joint resolution from the meeting and send out this document to various leaders in the society
  2. Use our interfaith and intercultural networks to reach out to the grass-root of our communities
  3. We will conduct 10 speaking tours in Sydney among our communities to present the danger of redefining marriage and why we must vote for candidates and party that support natural family
  4. Mobilise our network and grass-root to involve in distributing pamphlets to the communities to inform about the negative impact of same-sex marriage

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