Australia: 5-Day Divine Principle Workshop

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By FFWPU Australia: The five-day workshop took place in the picturesque Wentworth Falls situated in the Blue Mountains on May 20 – 24, 2016. The Japanese Cheon Il Guk missionaries were happy to host and run this workshop having worked so hard to find guests and educate them. The cost financially was quite high but was gratefully paid by these missionaries.

Rev. Lim President of FFWPU Ausralia and Rev. Hanson, National Messiah, gave the lectures. Also there was time for Q & A and one to one sharing. The two participants really enjoyed a chance to have give and take at this time. One highlight of the activities together was the prayer by candle-light, so beautiful under the starry moonlit sky.

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Both guest had a good experience and expressed the desire to study more and also were positive with the Idea of a future Blessing. The lectures were well received and well comprehended. The staff understood the need for prayer and tried really sincerely to express the heart of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents. The food also was prepared with love and heart and set the tone for the WS that gave a feeling of wellbeing.

The conclusion is that Divine Principle and the workshop atmosphere gave the guest and also the staff new life and a higher spirit showing that we all can grow and develop by experiencing God’s words. This is good for everyone and leaving the Blue Mountains we were really feeling, yes we are all a really one family under God.

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