Albania: The Generation of Legends!

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By CARP Albania: We are living in a very special age in history. An age that brought to life the “Legends of Legends”, God’s Champions, True Parents. Their tears, blood and investment has touched our little and dear country of Albania as well. Our utmost desire is for this nation to become God’s nation. To make this reality, True Parents asked Albania, first of all, to train 2000 young people.

This request engrafted in our hearts, as well as the speeches, the care and the love of our True Mother towards the new generation, were the inspiration this CARP workshop’s staff, which was held from April 22nd until April 24th.

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The preparations for this workshop brought us near each other in thoughts and in team work. The workshop ’s coordinator Majlinda Matraku and all the representatives of our centers: Arnold Grami, Mica Camara, Bafti Krasniqi, Elisjana Mustafaj, Ardit Matraku, Juljan Bradasheshi, Ermela Stena, Elma Baruni, Ardys Sheqi started to create the working plan from online conference calls, and afterwards by meeting live with each other. Our first decision was the theme of this workshop “The Generation of Legends” Why? Because our desire was for all the participants to understand this legendary age which True Parents brought for us, and step by step to follow their life style by becoming “Peace Loving Global Citizens”.

The result of team work as well as the great investment of all brothers and sisters in our centers, was a surprising number of young people who applied for participating the workshop. In the beginning there were 210 participants, but, because of the physical limitation of our Training Center came up the necessity of reviewing the applications and in this way choosing 180 people. Of course this was not an easy task, but we are keeping in touch with all of them, and we invited them to participate in other upcoming workshops.

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To make a fruitful workshop for guests and for members, we decided to follow the model of “Global Top Gun” workshops. We divided the participants in two big clans, and each one of them were composed by 8 families. For building a high energetic young spirit, a key role was that of the MC: Mica Camara from Australia, representing UPA and Bafti Krasniqi from Kosovo, being supported by the as/coordinator Arnold Grami and the technic responsible person Riza Mhae Santarin from Philippines, also representing UPA.

We gave lectures with these topics: Presentation of CARP, my Value, Conflict and its solution, Team Work and Core Values, Friendship and Family, Communication, The Generation of Legends. The lecturers were: Majlinda Matraku, Mirilda Tili, Savjola Konja, Greta Voci, Manjola Vasmatics, Dorina Prethi dhe Gani Rroshi.

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The lectures were combined between theory and practice. Like in every other CARP workshop, also in this one we organized beautiful physical challenges in nature, which everyone enjoyed so much.

A national TV station “News 24”, prepared a special program for this workshop and representatives of CARP and FFWPU Albania were invited to studio. (click to see the video).

We are sure that behind our investment is always the work and love of Heavenly Parent and True Parents for all the young Albanian people, and we are deeply grateful to them.

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