Albania: Family Festival & Cosmic Blessing Ceremony

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By FFWPU Albania: As we are living at the age after Foundation Day and approaching the year 2020, brothers and sisters all around Albania and Kosovo are working hard to fulfill True Parents’ expectations, and build the foundation to offer our nation to Heavenly Parent.

With this kind of desire and determination in heart, during the past two months, along with witnessing to the young people, every local community (center) was focused in witnessing to couples and preparing them to bring to the Blessing. They were witnessing in different ways; in the street by inviting couples for one day WS, inviting parents and relatives of members and inviting Ambassadors for Peace as well.

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As a result of everyone’s investment in each community, on May 15, 2016, around 215 people gathered at the main hall of the Tirana International Hotel and among them 40 couples received the Cosmic Blessing.

These wonderful couples, through attending the Blessing Ceremony, demonstrated once more the incredible importance at this time and age of the traditional family, its incomparable values and the impact the family has for the whole nation when centered on God. It was also a beautiful example for the youth of Albania, and for the way our society and nation must develop and move forward.

May 15th was also the International Day of the Family declared by the UN and that was the purpose behind why we did choose this day for the Blessing Ceremony and Family Festival. Everything started with a beautiful performance of songs and dance by our beautiful STF members who are witnessing in Albania since January and Japanese and UPA missionaries. After that, the European Continental Leader, Rev. Jack Corley who was also the officiator of the Blessing, gave a profound congratulatory message for all participants.

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After the performances, the MCs of the ceremony, Gabor and Manjola Vasmatics, explained once again the meaning of the Cosmic Blessing and each step of the blessing they had to go through.

Besides participant’s joy, we could feel the joy our Heavenly Parent was experiencing in those moments as His children were being connected to His blood linage, and were receiving His Blessing.

The Ceremony concluded with three cheers of Eok Manzei and group photo. Of course couples and participants were very excited and did many pictures, which for sure will be an unforgettable memory for them.

The desire of brothers and sisters, and their commitment is for such Blessing Ceremonies to be held more often with larger numbers of participants in order to transform our nation into Cheon Il Guk.

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