USA: 40 Unificationists Join the Fight for True Love and Intimacy

By FFWPU USA: Internet pornography is a little-discussed plague among couples and families. As a movement we uphold the values of Absolute Sex and intimacy, and reserving sex for our eternal partner, but the reality is that our pastors, youth pastors and counselors routinely encounter spouses and single adults, teenagers and children—both male and female—who struggle with pornography habits.

An informal anonymous survey of adults in three small Unification congregations found that two out of three of the men admitted to some problem with viewing pornography, with 21% admitting it was a “difficult, ongoing issue.”

Internet pornography is uniquely tempting and habit-forming because it is almost unavoidable, always available at our fingertips, and combines the engaging interactivity and endless novelty of the Internet with the powerful allure of sex. Wives, husbands, men and women feel ashamed and don’t know where to turn. Parents, siblings and friends are concerned, but don’t know what to do. All tend to suffer in silence, thinking this is a personal problem to be dealt with privately. But it is not just a private or personal issue. It is a worldwide scourge that has infected all other faith groups just as it has our church community. But there is hope.

For this reason, 40 concerned leaders from around the country joined together with other Christians to participate in the Set Free Summit in North Carolina, which took place from April 4-7, 2016. With a vision to train and equip our community leaders with the most up-to-date and factual information about pornography, the Blessed Marriage Project generously sponsored the registration and lodging for pastors, youth pastors, matching advisors, and ministry leaders of our communities.

Some of the new stats on porn that were heard are (The Porn Phenomenon, Barna):

  • 1 out of 3 Americans seek out pornography at least once per month
  • 57% of young adults seek out porn at least once per month
  • 49% of young adults say that all or most of their friends use porn regularly

Reflections From Our Ministry Leaders

“I became aware of the enormity of the problem for the first time through this conference. Internet pornography is killing the soul of America and the world. We must stop it. I never heard the impact that it had on women until this conference. It opened my eyes to the devistation it has on women. The testimonies of women whose marriages and lives were destroyed by pornography were shocking and heartfelt. I realize how they are victims in so many ways.” – Richard Buessing

“True intimacy and lovemaking is something that is worth fighting for. And I’m fully convinced now that the struggle against porn is a bloody war and is worth fighting against with all our might. The vision of eradicating the pornified culture is a hopeful one, and this is something I can see everyone getting on board with. We are here at this time in history for a reason, and it’s clear that our destiny is to bring a pro-healthy sex Marriage Blessing culture to our world.” – Benjy Uyama

“This conference represents a large step forward for interdenominational collaboration around the area of sex exploitation and addiction. Anyone who has been touched by this issue (everyone) should be assured that given a small amount of effort to comprehend the nature of the issue of pornography will yield profound new understanding.” – Charlie Bingham

“I was impressed with the organization and heart of the summit. I am grateful to all responsible for the entire experience. I believe with the education our True Parents have given us and the tools we received at this conference we can begin to address people’s burdens and loneliness. And then begin to heal and thrive.” – Dawn Dillinger

Call to Action

So what can you do, right now?

  1. Get Informed. Read about the porn phenomenon. The Blessed Marriage Project has developed an excellent support and resource website for Unificationists dealing with pornography habits. Visit for more info.
  2. Start the Conversation. Join us in bringing awareness by first talking about it with those closest to you: your spouse, your children, and your friends. We should not be afraid to discuss something that is so prevalent in our lives and culture. Let’s build a pro-healthy sex culture in our movement, our nation, and our world by setting free ourselves and those who face pornography struggles.
  3. Help Others. Interested in helping others who are dealing with pornography issues? We are creating a team that is committed to providing ongoing support and resources. Let us know by filling out the interest form at the bottom of this page, and we’ll get you connected.