Uganda: Inauguration of a New Chapter

BY CARP Uganda, Kyalo Ivan: On April 1st, 2016, we had a inauguration ceremony for our campus university chapter at Kampala University (KU-CARP).

The ceremony started with a welcoming remark given by professor Emeritus ABT Byaruhanga which was followed by the inaugural address given by CARP president Mr. Mukasa Paul. The titled for his speech was: “LET US BECOME LEADERS IN THE WORLD OF PEACE”. This was True Father’s speech given on WCARP convention in 1984.

Next was a presentation about the Vision, Mission and Objectives of CARP which was given by Mr. Tom Rangallah.

After the presentation, we conducted elections to fill Kampala University carp executive for the following posts: President, Vice president, Treasurer, General Secretary, Education advocate, Deputy social advocate, campus impact advocate and speaker.

This was followed by handing over CARP campus constitution to the Kampala University President elect by CARP Uganda president. The KU CARP president gave gratitude speech for having been voted in office plus the general expression from other elected officials.

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