True Parents News: Weekly Update

Peace TV April 16, 2016


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This week we have:

  1. True Parents News
  • True Mother Visits Beomnetgol Holy Ground
  1. Feature Video
  • Commemoration of the 25th Anniversary since True Parents visited the former Soviet Union.
  1. True Family & Global News
  • True Family (WFWP-Korea Commemorates 24th Anniversary / Memorial Service for Moon Yong Su)
  • Tribal Messiahship (Dominican Republic: The 6th Oh Happy Day / West Africa: Regional Leaders’ Assembly)
  • Youth Initiatives (Brazil: Jovens Unidos Para Servir (JUPS) Youth Ministry Event / Costa Rica: Volunteer Service Project / France: 120-day Condition and 1-day Workshop / Uganda: Kampala University CARP Inauguration Ceremony)
  • News Briefs (USA: The 57th True Parents’ Day and 56th True Parents’ Holy Wedding Anniversary / Togo: Absolute Sex Education / Korea: Four Years of Hope Launching Ceremony / Japan: Kakokawa Family Church Dedication Ceremony)