True Parents’ News: Weekly Update

Peace TV April 9, 2016


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  1. True Parents News
  •          Korea: Leader’s Assembly
  1. Global News
  • True Family (Korea: Paying Respects on the Hansik Holiday / Philippines: New Sun Hwa International Academy Campus Ground Breaking Ceremony / WFWP Sunhak Scholarship Foundation: 2016 General Meeting and Scholarship Awards Ceremony)
  • Tribal Messiahship (Asian Leadership Conference / Japan: Officiating Tribal Messiahship Focused Home Churches / USA: Colorado French Ministry Divine Principle Seminar / Colombia: 2-day Divine Principle Seminar / Mexico: 7-day Youth Seminar)
  • Peace Movements (Paraguay: UPF and WFWP Renew Commitments to Achieve World Peace / Togo: WFWP Workshop / Russia: Family World 2016, One Heart Purity Pledge)
  • Youth Initiatives (Costa Rica: Leadership Training for Spiritual Parents and Children / USA: Las Vegas Shine City Project Celebrates 3 Years / Nepal: Peace Leadership Workshop / Israel: CARP and Youth Leader’s Workshop / European STF: Family Workshop)
  • News Briefs (Australia: Dr. Tyler Hendricks’ Educational Tour / Mexico: National Meeting / Romanian Youth Missionaries Visit FFWPU History Compilation Committee and PeaceTV)