True Parents News: Weekly Update

Peace TV April 2, 2016


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This week we cover:

Designation of True Parents’ Day

True Parents News & Global News

  1. True Family (WFWP: South African Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the Historic Women’s March / WFWPI: Young Women Leaders Retreat / Reinterment of Dae Bu nim and Dae Mo nim)
  2. Tribal Messiahship (Thailand: Interfaith Peace Blessing / Hungary: Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony / Zambia: 7-day Workshop for Tribal Messiah Candidates)
  3. Peace Movements (Albania: Service Project for Those in Need / Nicaragua: UPF Interreligious Harmony Conference / Israel: WFWP and UPF Interfaith Event)
  4. Educating Leaders (Wonmo Pyeongae Scholarship Award Ceremonies(Japan,United States,Democratic Republic of the Congo,Dominican Republic) / Korea: Teaching Curriculum’s First Graduation Ceremony / Brazil: Graduation Ceremony of Full Time CARP Members / Brazil: Youth Ministry South Garden Workshop / Portugal: Thee-day HARP Workshop )
  5. News Briefs (West African Region Official Website / Publication of Moon Sang Hee’s Teachings on Sexuality / USA: Completion of 280 Days of Exercise and Reading )